Creative Block? Use Dial-a-Muse!

Artist’s block? Writer’s block? Painter’s block (unless you’re painting on a Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.53.23 PMblock)? Break down that pesky wall in the middle of your mental highway with the world’s first cure for creative block: Dial-a-Muse!

In honor of our Muse challenge, we wanted to create a contraption specifically meant to spark your brainstorm and get you inspired to make awesome stuff.

Doodle, sketch, make or create using the random ideas you get from Dial-a-Muse. Then share, comment, and tag your creation with #dialamuse by Monday, February 22nd for your chance to win a $100 Threadless gift certificate! 

“A sloth drinking a hula hoop full of science?”

“Dragon swimming in a latte made of enormous pillows?”

“Ghost slam-dunking a potion laced with enormous pillows?” (see above if you still think we’re making these up.)

The possibilities are (almost) endless! No idea? No excuse!

Carlyn Hill

Dad joke aficionado, cartoonist, & contributor for sites like HelloGiggles and The Mary Sue by night. When I'm not writing or drawing, you can find me in my cave of a room hanging out with my boyfriend, Netflix.