Friday Features: Find the Pineapple

Pineapples represent a lot of things: friendship, hospitality, pure deliciousness. But with the days getting a little bit longer and warmer weather juuust starting to creep in, we’re lookin’ for some major tropical vibes to get in the spring mindset. And nothing says “tropics”quite like this yellow, spiky fruit.

And one thing lots of Artist Shop owners seem to dig is pineapple art! So in honor of spring oh so close to being sprung, here are a few pineapple designs of all sizes and…well, just one pineapple-y shape to get you in the mental tropics! Check ’em out!

.     .     .

“Sweet Skull” | Coffee and Cigarettes’ Artist Shop

“Pink Jungle” | Elebea’s Artist Shop

“Eyenapple” | Ellie Paisley’s Artist Shop

“Chill Hard” | Josh Ln’s Artist Shop

“Pineapple” | MATTIX’s Artist Shop

“Pineapple Pug” | Huebucket’s Artist Shop

“Colorful Pineapple” | Rgeoz’s Artist Shop


“Pineapple Vibes” | Artegories’ Artist Shop

“Pinkapple” | Tabz’s Artist Shop


“Cute Pineapple Pattern” | Owlie’s Artist Shop

“Pineapple Skull w/ Sunglasses” | Oddesigner’s Artist Shop


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