Friday Features: What Does Your Future Hold?

How would you want to check out your future? With a crystal ball? Tarot cards? Contacting the spirit realm via ouija board to say, “whaddup, ghost fam? I need some advice.” Taking a peak into your future can be a pandora’s box of madness…and it makes for some pretty rad designs. Check out these 12 Artist Shop designs inspired by all things tarot, psychic, and mystical that predict one thing and one thing only: they’ll make you look awesome.

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“Tarot: Cthulhu” | Sphingids’ Artist Shop

“ZOLTAR SPEAKS” | Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

“‘The Star’ Tarot Card” | Blind Person’s Artist Shop

“Pandora’s Box” | Carly Watts’ Artist Shop

“Polyvinyl x IHEARTJLP Collaboration” | Polyvinyl’s Artist Shop

“The Magician” | Red Right Hand’s Artist Shop

“Ouija Board” | Lord of Masks’ Artist Shop

“IDK FAM” | Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

“Black Ibis Tarot Frog Toe” | The Attic Shoppe’s Artist Shop

“Coffee Reading” | Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

“‘The World’ Tarot Card” | Blind Person’s Artist Shop

“The Magician” | Zinnxvi Illustration’s Artist Shop

Know about or have a cool Artist Shop design we missed here? Leave it in the comments!

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