Extraterrestrial life is elusive. Grainy photography, pixelated video, and kooky first-hand accounts dominate the evidence box of alien existence. But we’re out to change that – with your help, of course!Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 4.27.20 PM

Strap on your tinfoil helmets, charge up your trusty photographic device (phone, DSLR, night vision camera, etc.) and snap a selfie of yourself interacting with the people from the stars!

A photo of yourself with a group of Greys? Perfect! A suspicious craft floating in the sky above your head? Totally! Taking a nap on an alien examination table? You may not like the outcome, but go for it!

Submit your selfies on Twitter and Instagram from now until 1/28. Five lucky UFO-hunters will receive Loot Crate’s January invasion-themed box, which features the exclusive X-Files design chosen for January’s Loot Crate-chosen tee design t-shirt from our X-Files design challenge.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #threadfiles and tag @threadless when you’re sharing your photos.

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A big congratulations to our X-Files selfie challenge winners Tomislav Dugandzic, Chris Helms, Alan Linic, and Laura. Enjoy your Loot Crates! The loot is out there…and these are #TrueBelievers.


Featured photo is “I Want to Believe” by Raul Garderes

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