Hey, Summer! Nature’s calling!

Nature is Calling! Explore the outdoors with us

Summer is here! Sure, it looks different, but it’s just as hot and prime time for some outdoor activities. So we thought you’d like a little help not only figuring out what to do but how to look good doing it. Below are a few ways you can get outside and enjoy the warm weather while still practicing physical distancing.

Hit the open road! Or trail! Or whatever!

Bike riding doesn’t just have to be a mode of transportation, it can be an adventure, too! Throw your bike in that back of your car and head to the nearest forest preserve or trail near you. It’s everything you could want in a weekend. Exercise, sunshine, fresh air and a new destination.

From left to right: “Ride like Hell” by Gianni Corniola, “Bike Division” by ninhol, “Coffee and Donuts” by Lim Heng Swee.

A blanket, food, and a lazy day in the park

We’ve all been pretty scrappy and creative the last few months, turning our porches, backyards or fire escapes into getaways for picnics, concerts, or a physically distanced gathering (when can we hug, please?). Let’s carry that optimistic creativity over and bring it to the park! Plenty of space for all sorts of hangs, eats, dranks, and conversation.

From left to right: “Hotdogs in a Bun” by Robo Rat, “Linear Light” by thepapercrane, “Companion Hot Dog” by Jake Edward Lange.

Ahhh, nature.

Let’s not forget probably the favorite of all our recommended outdoor activities this summer, a nature walk. Enjoy the scenery, take in the fresh air, soak in the vitamin D, and go for a long stroll through the woods! Feels good…

From left to right “Deeply Wild” by redhorse, “Bigfoot Forest” by handsoffmydinosaur, “Doggo” by Atterboy.

Is that a mirage? Nope. It’s an actual beach!

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, you know how hard it has been to stay away from it these last few months. Travel to shore safely this summer (if it’s allowed) and take advantage of the rays. Enjoy the relaxation, but make sure you keep a safe distance – and reapply that SPF after a dip!

From left to right: “Summer Cookout” by lebski, “Personal Space” by Ville Morkki, “Retro Blooms 003” by muktalatabarua.

We want you to have fun and we want you to stay safe! Practicing physical distancing wherever you are should still be a priority this summer, but don’t let that get you down. Get outside and enjoy the season, and look to even brighter days ahead!

Meg Reppen

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