Netflix’s Marvel shows are pretty much the best thing to happen since…well, since Netflix started making TV shows!

And that’s why we’re super excited about this new batch of characters for our MARVEL challengePunisher, Elektra, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

Now all those hours and days bingeing on Daredevil and Jessica Jones, all the moments Netflix stopped and gave you the shameful, “Do you want to continue watching?” message – now you can just call it “design research!”

Check out challenge deets here! And if you need inspiration, scroll down to see the comic-to-TV-transformation for these characters.

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They’ve given Elektra’s outfit in the show a more modern and practical vibe, not to mention it looks way more comfortable. Played by Elodie Yung, who is a blackbelt in real life, she’s a character we’re all excited to see more of in Daredevil.



A lot of people were a little skeptical when Shane from The Walking Dead was cast as Punisher. Because he’s Shane from The Walking Dead. But he nailed this role. While it would have been awesome to see the iconic Punisher logo on his shirt, it’s iconic to the point that it’s not needed in the show.

Jessica Jones


Compared to the comic cover where JJ made her debut in “Alias” (no relation toScreen Shot 2016-03-31 at 4.26.22 PM the show Alias, by the way), Krysten Ritter pretty much looks the part. But when you look at what Jessica Jones’ original look was more white spandex and purple hair and blatantly using her powers as the hero “Jewel” than it was gritty and whiskey-stained.

The purple hair is pretty dope…and Ritter would probably rock it. But that spandex outfit – which actually made a cameo in the Netflix show (check it out) – is something we can all be thankful they ditched.

Luke Cage


Mike Colter pretty much looks like Luke Cage jumped out of the comic. He is as close as you can get to being in superhero-good-shape, and is just kind of all-around awesome.


Featured photo credits: Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Elektra 

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