It’s adventure time, c’mon grab your friends!

In honor of Adventure Time‘s 7th season rolling out and kicking off with a multi-part series about our favorite guitar-wielding vampiress, Marceline, we challenged you guys to create some mathematical Adventure Time designs. And dang, you delivered!

But in the end, friendship won out above all with Ibrahim “Idilek” Dilek’s design, “My Best Friend.” It had us like:


We talked to Idilek about his design, his favorite place in Adventure Time, and a little about his artist shop. Check out the interview below!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do? Where are you from? What’s your favorite dessert?

My name is Ibrahim Dilek, I live in Konya, Turkey. I’m currently work as a freelancer, create designs for digital media. I really love “Kunefe” made from sweet pastry with unsalted melting cheese, which one of the most delicious and greatest desserts in Turkish cuisine, looks like a piece of art.

Are you a big Adventure Time fan?

Adventure Time is one of my favorite TV shows. I love the backstories of characters and trippiest of animation styles.

“My Best Friend”

What attracted you to this challenge?

The “B-MO!” design in the current Adventure Time collection impressed me a lot and I gave the Tote Bag version of this design to my niece as a gift. When I was thinking what can I do for this collection, I met with this challenge. I have always been thinking, ‘how can I reflect the wonderful friendship of Finn & Jake,’ and I made this.

Threadless’s Jake Nickell as Finn wearing the shirt of Jake holding Finn…#Jakeception

Favorite character from the show?

Jake is pretty awesome.

AdventureTime_MurphyIf you could live in one place in Adventure Time (Land of Ooo, Candy Kingdom, Nightosphere, etc.), where would you want to live?

The Grass Lands.

Your designs have been selected for a ton of challenges! That’s so exciting! What do you think attracts people to your style?

To focus on specific subjects and try to do something different, something unique that make me feel satisfied. That’s why I like challenges and try to attend as many as possible. I’m trying to go to results in a simple way with symbolic elements. I think people love this simpleness and symbolism.

What was your creative process for this design? 

Especially this design was very simple. I just drawn them based on original character concepts.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 1.02.04 PM

What’s been your favorite challenge to work on? 

The “Sherlock Holmes” challenge for sure. This was the first challenge I won.

What made you decide to open an Artist Shop? What’s your favorite design in your shop?

I love the Artist Shop idea. I can add my own designs easily and most importantly knowing of Threadless production and shipping quality makes me feel relieved. “Bitter Teeth” is my favorite design. I designed it seven years ago but it looks still modern.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.59.31 PM
“Bitter Teeth”

I see that you work with a lot of 3D art as well as 2D – what’s the process for each style?

Here are some examples of the process of my 2D and 3D works.



How would you define your style?

I can define my style as variable, actually. I try to learn something new every day both traditional and digital media and reflect this in my new works.

So many of your designs have a pop-culture element to them. Favorite shows and movies?

Although I’m an ’80s person, I really like to follow some pop-culture shows too. Spirited Away, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Triplets of Belleville, Modern Times, Back to the Future trilogy, Interstellar, Blade Runner, Sherlock, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Adventure Time are some of my favorites.

Shop the winning design!

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