Ever had that one photographer friend who had you and your group wave glowsticks or sparklers in front of their camera at parties?

Besides probably setting you up with the coolest Facebook cover photo for the next six months, they were actually having you do something called light painting.

This light show version of Aparaat’s “Isotropics” made by our awesome friends at Bitbanger Labs!

Light painting is a long-exposure photography technique where you can capture streaks of light by waving a light source in front of the camera. And it looks like you’re painting with light beams or making 21st century Northern Lights in thin air!



For this particular shoot – featuring “Isotropics” by Aparaat – our video guru Craig Shimala used something called a Pixelstick – the latest evolution in light painting that kind of makes everything go 8-bit video game. ISO_022416_4

The pixelstick gave our Isotropics photoshoot the perfect vibe. Check out the behind the scenes footage!

Shop the “Isotropics” design Here!

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