Do You Prefer Rain or Shine?

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“Frozen Fire” by Miguel Espinoza

Do you find yourself singing in the rain or sulking in the rain, waiting for it to end? One person’s gloomy rainy day is another person’s ideal afternoon.

In honor of a week of new designs that transport us outdoors in rain, sun, or snow, we asked our artists: Do you prefer rain or shine? See what they had to say below.

Do you prefer a rainy day worthy of a scene in a Hayao Miyazaki movie? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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“Frozen Planet” by EZFL

When it rains here, it’s a torrential downpour with lots of lightning and thunder. Even though the sunshine is blistering during the summer months, I’d much rather have that than rainy-days.


Eric Zelinski (EZFL) | Sarasota, FL
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“Wander” by arzie13

Sunshine! Though Ernest P. Worrell did make some good points in his song “Gee I’m Glad It’s Raining” from the movie, Ernest Goes to Camp. Which is the best Ernest movie, easily. R.I.P Jim Varney.


Ross Zietz (arzie13) | Atlanta, GA
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“We Never Had it Anyway” by Adam Priester

Nothing better than working on a project with some soothing rain outside. Also screen glare becomes a non-issue.



Adam Priester | Växjö, Sweden
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“The Shape Side” by TheSleepingSky

Hot coffee, warm blanket, Hayao Miyazaki film and a window. Yes, I’d say I prefer rain. The dreariness really brightens my day.


Skylar Hogan (TheSleepingSky) | Omaha NE
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“Rain” by ELENA

“I’m waitin’, waitin’ on a sunny day
gonna chase the clouds away
waitin’ on a sunny day.
Check the rainbow after the rain and the sun always comes out
And if it continues to rain,
you can always dance in the rain.”



Elena Viti (ELENA) | Porto Sant’Elpidio, Italia

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