In this fast-paced, I-need-this-a-week-ago world, it’s easy to lose sight of the past. That’s why we’ve written poems—the ancient Japanese way—for some of our awesomest designs from yesteryear! Enjoy them, then go look at every Threadless design ever and share a haiku for one in the comments below. (Don’t forget to put the image in there too!) Our favorite will win a $25 gift code!

WHEN YOU GOTTA GO…by Teo Zirinis

What goes in comes out
It’s a miracle really
All but corn transformed


JOGGING by Mike Mitchell

Feels so good to jog
Or to watch others do it
(Which is less sweaty)


MAKE LOVE NOT WAR by Paul Burgess

Easy, big fella
I know the game gets you down
C’mon, bring it in


RIDE WITH ME by Jimena Sanchez

Hug me tight baby
My feet don’t reach the pedals
But we’re together

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Alan Spindle

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