Fancy Yourself a Cake Artist? Submit to Threadcakes!

You know what’s great? Awesome art. You know what’s even greater? Awesome art you can eat.

It goes without saying that we love great art here at Threadless. And great (tasting) cake art might be one of our favorite flavors of creativity. So we’re pretty stoked that Threadcakes 2016 has officially kicked off! This annual Threadless-themed cake-making contest held by our friend (and Threadfan) Chris Cardinal of Synapse Studios in Arizona is an epic competition where you cake-ify Threadless designs into 2D or 3D cakes. Chris judges them, and WE get to eat them…Just kidding…we only wish…

Fancy yourself a cake artist and want to submit a design? Want more deets? Wanna just look at awesome cakes? Check out the big picture here, guidelines here, and sick prizes here.

And check out the 2D and 3D winners winners of Threadcakes past below!

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2015 3D Winner


“Mr. Chuwawa”
The Cake: Avalon Yarnes
The Design: Lora Zombie

2015 2D Winner


“Just a Bite”
The Cake: Megan Matsumoto
The Design: Netoidrovo

2014 3D Winner


“Cutout Ralph”
The Cake: Kylie Mangles
The Design: RAWPOP

2014 2D Winner


“Fantasy Space”
The Cake: Megan Matsumoto
The Design: Ben Chen

2013 3D Winner


“Tea at 2,000 Feet”
The Cake: Elizabeth Marek
The Design: Eric Fan

2013 2D Winner


“Sounds of the Ocean”
The Cake: Megan Matsumoto
The Design: Alex Solis

2012 3D Winner


The Cake: Elizabeth Marek
The Design: Diego Fernandez

2012 2D Winner


“Your Love Keeps Lifting Me (Muppets)”
The Cake: Lauren Babis
The Design: Chris Gerringer

2011 3D Winner


“The Communist Party”
The Cake: Neli Josefsen
The Design: Tom Burns

2011 2D Winner


“Meow Remix”
The Cake: Megan Matsumoto
The Design: Kat S. Moon

2010 3D Winner


“Firelight Cottage”
The Cake: Jennifer Flynn
The Design: Nathan Stillie

2010 2D Winner


“Sugar Land”
The Cake: Kim Rountree
The Design: Andreas Krapf

2009 3D Winner


“Noah Express”
The Cake: Jennifer Flynn
The Design: Matheus Lopes and Michael Bisparulz

2009 2D Winner


“Imposter in the Bird Hotel”
The Cake: Alex Waite
The Design: Michelle Li

Featured image is “The Mysterious Game of the Throne” cake by Shani Christenson based on the design by Buko

inspired? Submit your Threadcake!

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