Threadless Stands Against Racism

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Threadless is a diverse, global community of artists and those that support them. We join all who honor George Floyd and the countless others who’ve lost their lives and livelihoods to racism. We share the anger and sorrow created by the systemic racism prevalent in this world. In times like these, art plays an important role in driving progress and creating cultural change. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing art and stories from Black artists and their allies in our community.

Starting today, all Artist Shop owners have the option to donate a portion of their proceeds to eight different organizations of their choosing. Threadless will match those donations up to an additional $100,000. These organizations exist to help bring racial justice and create a less hostile world for the Black community. 

The organizations are as follows:

If you’re a shop owner looking to help raise funding for one or more of these organizations, click here for more information on how to prepare your shop. If you don’t yet have a shop but want to get involved, we can help you get started. To shop and support the designs that are supporting these great organizations, click here.

Let’s come together and help make progress. 

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