Gone are the all-is-well doldrums. This week, one character said “see ya!” to the group, we had to say “see ya!” to a character dead too soon (RIP), and a dude mayyy have had to say “see ya!” to his man-parts courtesy of Eugene.

Like I said, stuff happened.

In a world where nothing stays dead, nothing can stay calm and all acorn cookies all the time either. But before we plunge into the inevitable darkness of the next two episodes, let’s reflect on the good, the bad, and the bitey.

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“Mordorock” by Yohann HUBERT

First, METAL ZOMBIE. And not this kind of metal zombie, \m/, literally a metal-clad zombie. Seriously, a horde of these things would be like playing life in The Walking Dead on “hard mode.”

“Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

There are three things we should know not to trust by now: 1: Railroads…or any open roads, really. 2: Happiness. 3: Inspirational, impassioned speeches. After a slow beginning and my bad decisions (forget Coral staying in the house, the DOCTOR SHOULD ALWAYS STAY SAFE IN THE HOUSE, DENISE), it happened. There was an arrow shot right through our hearts, when an arrow was shot through Denise’s eye. 




“Zombie Walnut” by Laurenz Loehr

And then, someone got bit…just…not in the way you’d expect…or by the person you’d expect…or in the place you’d expect. And the reactions were too much:







“Alive or Die” by Katie Campbell

Oh yes, we got a whole new meaning for the term “biter” in this show. But HEY, let’s move on to selfies! (psssstHey. If you don’t have any zombtees to use for threadtwd selfies, shop ’em at 30% off while ya can!)



And the selfie winner, a.k.a the most adorable and epic selfie ever: 

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