What’s Your Favorite Movie of ALL Time?

Philosophical question of the day: If ‘Fetch’ is famous for “never happening,” does that mean that ‘Fetch’ actually did kind of happen? Think about it.

Between our Mean Girls collection and a pretty rad Holy Grail design, we’ve got a pretty awesome lineup of movie-themed shirts launching this week. So in honor of film nerds everywhere, we decided to ask our artists one of the toughest questions you can ever ask a person: what’s your favorite movie of all time

Check out their answers below! And let us know your favorite movie(s) in the comments!

Unless you’re Gretchen Weiners. Because none for Gretchen Weiners.

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“Maki Matrix” by RabbitGear

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I consider that film my third parent, as it has helped mold me into the well-adjusted person that I am today. It’s been close to ten years since I last watched it and yet I could probably still recite every line by heart.

RabbitGear, Petersburg, MI
“The Holy Grail Pattern” by queenmob

That’s easy, just check out my winning design! The Holy Grail is easily my favorite movie of all time. The sheer silliness of it makes me happy and I never get tired of the jokes, songs, and characters. I have about 50 more ideas for shirts regarding this movie. The Holy Grail movie, in a way, is like the bible is for others ;)


Anna-Maria Jung (queenmob) Graz, Austria
“Sloth for President” by Gamma-Ray

Wow! Tough question, there’s so many! I would say The Beach with Leo DiCaprio. I love the ideas the film combines, like travel, adventure, exploration, escaping society & materialism. The film also reveals that even paradise has its own drawbacks…And that true paradise is in the mind and in being around special people.

Grant (Gamma-Ray) Johannesburg, South Africa
“Cool Mom” by meandthemoon

Sheesh, that’s probably one of the most difficult questions you could ask me. I think it would have to be Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, it’s just always made me feel a certain way. It’s beautiful and I’ve absolutely loved it every time I watched it. Unlike most love stories, this one reminds us that when in love, we will hurt, we will disappoint one another, things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. We are all flawed and perfect at the same time, we just have to accept that and work with it. It’s always been a reminder for me to live in the moment, because that’s really all we have.


Evelyne van den Broek (meandthemoon)
“It’s Wednesday”

One of my favorite movies is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Even though the film is quite surreal, it touched on very real topics. The movie’s screenplay was amazing and it was also refreshing to see Jim Carrey playing a role different from what he normally plays.


Ziwei (zimbahbwei) (ITS WEDNESDAY), Singapore
“The Limit Does Not Exist” MrRtist21

Some I love are Forrest Gump, The Royal Tenenbaums, Mean Girls or Mary Poppins. However, one movie that has stuck out for me in recent years is the movie, Inception. I think I watched it many times in the theater. I love it for its smart, intricate and original storyline. The visual effects were beautiful, mind-boggling and captivating. It’s a type of movie that held my attention as well as keeping me emotionally invested with the characters and the layered plots. The soundtrack from Hans Zimmer was the perfect match for the scenes as well! “…You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling…”


John (Viet-Triet) Hoa Nguyen, Fountain Valley, CA
“It’s October Third” by Hollie Smith

My favourite movie is *Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, for many reasons:


1: I fancy Matthew Broderick a lot

2: I love John Hughes and all ’80s coming-of-age movies

3: The ’80s aesthetic is tiiiiight

4: Unnecessary parade-based musical numbers

5: Everything Cameron does is great and sums up my feelings about all of life

I have a thousand more reasons but I’ll stop before this becomes an actual essay.


Hollie Smith, Leeds
“Make Fetch Happen” by emberr

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is one of my all time favorites. It’s a reminder of how epic it is to be alive.

Emily Doheny (emberr), Minneapolis

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