Instagram Rewind: The Top 5 Most Popular T-Shirt Designs of the Last Year

In the vast expanse of social media, where every click leads to a new discovery, some treasures shine especially bright. Our Instagram has been a riot of colors, wit, and creativity, and it’s time that we highlight the five most popular t-shirt designs of the last 12 months. From witty raccoons to holiday antics, these Threadless designs not only garnered the most likes, but also sparked joy and connected us through humor. Alongside the art, we’re spotlighting our favorite comments from you, our witty audience, illustrating what makes these designs so memorable.

5. “Smart Fella Raccoon” by giovanniiiii

In this design by giovanniiiii, a raccoon turned philosopher offers us a bit of sage advice. This piece not only tickles the funny bone but also brings a dose of nostalgic humor, reminding us of those dad jokes that framed our childhoods. As user amberisreal puts it, “If your dad didn’t say this joke on a weekly basis then you didn’t have childhood lol 😂” — a sentiment that surely resonates with many.

4. “Holiday” by Liz Climo

Liz Climo brings to life the eternal struggle with holiday decorations in a comic that’s too real. A bear, faced with the Sisyphean task of untangling Christmas lights, opts for a more…relaxed approach. The humor lies in the simplicity of the scene, a bear and his untangled lights, embodying the holiday spirit of ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ User haeschenbaerenbande expresses our thoughts perfectly: “It’s the only way to hang these lights 😃🐻🐇.”

3. “I’m Not Like the Other Girls” by meandthemoon

This design throws a curveball into the mix with a raccoon proclaiming, “I’m not like other girls, I’m much worse.” It’s a playful jab at the often-echoed phrase, wrapped in the cuteness of our favorite nocturnal creature. User come_again_karen perfectly captures the essence with “It’s giving ✨feral✨ and I’m here for it.” It’s humor with a side of raw honesty, and we’re all here for it.

2. “At the Beach” by wawawiwa

Ever felt like a cauliflower in a world of broccolis? This illustration is a heartwarming and hilarious take on the beach-going experience, pitting the ever-tanned broccoli against the sunburn-prone cauliflower. It’s a gentle reminder that we’re all unique, and sometimes, feeling like a cauliflower is perfectly okay. User mireiacb86 says it best: “how can I feel attacked by the drawing of a broccoli 😂.”

1. “trying!” by lousydrawings

At the pinnacle of our list is a masterpiece of chaos, humor, and a dash of existential dread — a bizarre creature riding a shooting star, screaming into the void, “Holy shit I am trying.” It’s a sentiment that, in one way or another, encapsulates the collective struggle and perseverance of our times. The comments from frogwitch—“The lil booty hole 😂”—and shaesomething—“I’m hanging by a thread tonight and this made me laugh so hard I almost shit myself”—reflect the raw, unfiltered joy and relatability found in this piece.

And there you have it—the most popular t-shirt designs that made us laugh, think, and double-tap with enthusiasm. These pieces didn’t just win our hearts, they became symbols of joy in our vibrant community. We’re grateful for the Threadless artists who bring their visions to life and for you, our followers, who engage with such warmth and humor. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to be part of our ongoing journey of discovery and delight. Who knows? The next design might just have you chuckling, snorting, or in rare cases, almost shitting yourself with laughter.


Rafael Velez

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