How to Survive the Great Outdoors as a Nature Newb: A Not-So-Expert Guide

If your idea of “roughing it” is when the Wi-Fi is slow, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re here by choice or your friends are dragging you into the woods against your will, we’ll make sure you look and feel the part of an intrepid explorer (or at least convincingly play one on social media). This is your not-so-skilled guide through the wilderness, where we’ll show you how to use some slick Threadless gear to survive the outdoors—sort of. Let’s take this step outside together and see if fresh air feels as good as they say in those car commercials.

Jackets: Because Weather Happens

Weather is like that friend who says they’re five minutes away but shows up three hours later—in this case, with an unexpected thunderstorm. A cool windbreaker doesn’t just keep you dry; it makes you look prepared, even when you’re not. Opt for one with a design that says, “I meant to do that,” as you slip in the mud.

Fleece: The Art of Snug Survival

When the night drops in temperature, you’ll want to be enveloped in something warm. A fleece hoodie isn’t just for warmth; it’s your unofficial bug shield and snack pocket. Choose one that screams, “Yes, I am outdoorsy—I drink my lattes on the porch,” and bask in the envy of your shivering, unprepared friends.

Travel Mugs: Hydrate or Diedrate

Now, the travel mug—your lifeline for staying hydrated (or caffeinated). Whether it’s for coffee to jolt you awake after a night on root-riddled ground or keeping creek water surprisingly palatable, a sturdy travel mug is your best friend. With a trusty travel mug in hand, you’ll be ready to face whatever the trails throws at you.

Backpacks: Your Mobile Storage Unit

You can’t survive the outdoors without a good backpack. It’s your carry-all for everything from “emergency” snacks to the seven other layers you panicked and packed. A backpack with a funky design not only stores your overpacking but also turns heads on the trail, making up for the fact that you’re using a map as a sunshade.

Laundry Bags: Portable Hazmat Storage

Then, the laundry bag—vital for when your clothes have had enough of your sweating. After day two, they’re a biohazard. A quirky laundry bag isn’t just practical; it’s a conversation starter. Hang it outside your tent like a flag of surrender from personal hygiene.

"Hiding Place" Laundry Bag by Benjimoji for World Wildlife Fund
Featured Design: “Hiding Place” Laundry Bag by Benjimoji for World Wildlife Fund

Yoga Mats: Not Just For Posers

Don’t forget your yoga mat. While you may use it for a sunrise stretch (or not), it also doubles as a sleep pad, picnic blanket, or SOS signal if you choose a bright enough color. Plus, it tells people you’re health-conscious, even if your greatest stretch is reaching for the last granola bar.

Tank Tops: Sweat’s Favorite Escape Hatch

Last but not least, tank tops. Perfect for when the sun decides to turn your hike into a personal sauna session. Sporting a tank top not only keeps you cool but also shows off your commitment to embracing nature’s challenges—sweat and all. Choose a tank that flaunts your adventurous spirit while you wonder if that was poison ivy you just brushed against.

You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to enjoy nature and survive the outdoors. So, grab your gear, embrace the cluelessness, and step into the wild with confidence—or at least with a fresh Threadless fit that hides your discomfort. Remember, nature is unpredictable, but with the right attitude (and apparel), you’ll at least look like you’ve got everything under control. Happy trails, and may your selfies be proof of your bravery!

The design featured in the image at the top of this post is “Internet Explorer” by yortsiraulo.

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