Threadless Welcomes Studio by VIDA Artists to Their New Home: Artist Shops

Leading e-commerce company and online creator community Threadless welcomes Studio by VIDA artists as they transition to Artist Shops, a Threadless–powered platform for artists to sell print-on-demand merchandise from their own customizable online stores.

Chicago, IL (February 2, 2024) – Threadless has just announced a harmonious coming together with the artist community at Studio by VIDA, a company renowned for its commitment to art-inspired products and global impact. This partnership is not just an acquisition, it’s a fusion of two communities committed to artistic diversity, quality, and making a difference.

A Union of Shared Values

At the heart of VIDA’s inception was a deep-seated mission to build a global community, echoing the values that Threadless holds dear. This new united front carries on that mission, helping to enrich the art world with diverse voices and visions.

In their announcement of this partnership, VIDA founder Umaimah Mendhro and CEO Henrike Langbroek relayed this message to artists on their platform:

“Over the past few years, it has become evident that Studio by VIDA is much stronger and more sustainable with a strong partner like Artist Shops to continue serving our global community. This opportunity allows our Studio by VIDA artist community to showcase your artwork on many new product lines across Artist Shops, Threadless.com, and select retail and online channels, reaching a significantly larger customer base.”

Threadless founder and CEO Jake Nickell also recently spoke of this new partnership:

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Studio by VIDA artists into the Threadless community. This partnership not only aligns with our core mission of supporting and promoting artists from all over the globe, but also offers a fantastic opportunity to expand our product offerings for their fans and customers. We’re committed to ensuring that the creative spirit and artistic diversity of the VIDA community continue to flourish and reach new heights within our platform.”

Expanded Opportunities & Impact

More Opportunities for Both Artists & Customers

In keeping with the spirit of product expansion and adaptation, Threadless is actively exploring ways to integrate many core products that Studio by VIDA is known for, such as scarves. These efforts aim to ensure that the unique and beloved aspects of VIDA’s product range continue to thrive within the Threadless ecosystem. For customers, this means a delightful new array of art-inspired products, enhancing their experience with a wider selection of creative expressions.

In this new partnership, Threadless also remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and making a difference. Through Threadless Causes, artists and customers can continue to support initiatives driving social and environmental change, a core value that both Studio by VIDA and Threadless share.

Threadless: Two Decades of Empowering Artists

For more than 20 years, Threadless has been a cornerstone in the art world, partnering with hundreds of thousands of artists to bring their unique visions to millions of fans. Threadless is more than  just a marketplace; it’s a hub where creativity meets opportunity. Since Threadless launched their free-to-use Artist Shops platform in 2016, shop owners globally have been able to easily promote, add, fulfill, and deliver print-on-demand merchandise, transforming their art into tangible, merch-ready products.

Threadless: Two Decades of Empowering Artists

Now hosting over 500,000 unique Artist Shops, Threadless has become a trusted partner in artists’ journey towards brand monetization and global recognition. The e-commerce company offers artists three main distribution channels to expand their reach and monetize their creativity.

First, artists can leverage their own Artist Shops to sell their art directly to their fans, maintaining control over their products and branding. Additionally, artists have the opportunity to submit designs for inclusion in the Threadless marketplace, offering a chance for greater visibility and sales. Finally, Threadless collaborates with third-party retail and licensing partners to feature artists’ designs in brick-and-mortar stores and popular online catalogs. This multifaceted approach ensures artists can maximize their reach and impact, from digital presence to physical retail spaces.

Customization, Quality & Support

Customization, Quality & Support

At Artist Shops, customization is key. Shop owners have full control over their brand’s look and feel, creating a shopping experience as personal as their art. With Threadless’s support in product creation, fulfillment, and customer service, VIDA artists can focus on what they love most—creating and sharing their art. Threadless’s ever-expanding product selection, from apparel to unique accessories like Bucketfeet shoes and CCS Skateboards, ensures their art finds its perfect canvas.

Ann Marie Coolick, a VIDA artist now part of Artist Shops, shares, “I loved customizing the layout and product offerings to reflect my style and personality—from colorful skateboards to cheerful backpacks to stylish shoes. The blankets are so soft and cozy with vibrant, crisp, lasting colors.”

An Invitation to All Artists & Creators

As Threadless and Studio by VIDA embrace this new chapter together, Threadless invites artists and creators of all kinds to make Artist Shops their home for print-on-demand merchandise. Create your shop, engage with a broader audience, and be a part of a community that thrives on diversity, creativity, and positive change.

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An Invitation to All Artists & Creators

About Threadless

Founded in 2000, Threadless is an e-commerce company and online creator community. In 2016, Threadless launched the print-on-demand Artist Shops platform to make selling art online easier for independent creators. The turnkey merchandise solution allows individuals, companies, and nonprofits to create their own custom-branded online store for free, sell their best designs in the Threadless marketplace, and have opportunities to sell across a variety of offline retail stores.

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