Video Conference Style Tips: Pants Are Optional

Video Call

Staying at home, working from home, homing from home, home, home, home. Not sure about you, but we’re getting a little (ok, a lot) squirrly. Instead of fighting the feeling, we’ve decided to embrace it. Every single squirrly bit of it. Since our lives have become a sort of Groundhog Day of sleeping, eating, Netflix, dishes, and Zoom meetings, consider this your pants optional style guide to the best designs to wear while you’re safe at home, doing your best to get through the day.

“Appropriate” Corporate Attire

Listen, Mark, I get that we are Business Professionals™ but why do we HAVE to wear a suit and “preferably” a tie when we’re working from home?! And this virtual Casual Friday business isn’t so casual when you mandate a collared shirt and “preferably” no jeans! Well the jokes on you Mr. VP of Team Synergistics – I’m not wearing ANY pants! And guess what else, Mark? I have a naughty t-shirt under my dress shirt with curse words on it! NOW WHO’S THE TEAM PLAYER, MARK?!

Fuck Feelings” by Jake Edward Lange, “Men Aren’t Funny” by Sara Schaefer and Camila Galaz, “Who Cares?” by Steven Rhodes

Missing Those Tech Startup Vibes

We’ve tried everything and, honestly, it’s just not clicking the way it used to. I went to my fridge and there was zero La Croix in there. ZERO! Ping pong table? Looked in our place for HOURS and nothing, nada, zilch. Even tried to rig one up out of recycled Amazon boxes and empty mandarian orange bags and it was an EPIC fail. So after staring at a wall for a few hours, it was time to move on. Me and the other remote working folks jumped on a Hangout and dug our heels deep into innovation. After several intense huddles and re-huddles, I think we’ve unlocked the next disrupt-volution in video-conferencing that involves AR, VR, and… HR. Oh wait – was that even on this year’s roadmap?

Can’t Tonight” by Teenage Stepdad, “Arrrgmented Reality” by David Schwen, “Thanks I Hate It” by Luis Romero

Next big side hustle

It’s 10:59pm on a Tuesday and I keep seeing people say that I don’t HAVE to do anything productive right now, but my entrepreneurial brain respectfully disagrees sir or madam on the internet. In fact, my video conference is about to start, and my two besties and I are going to make something so unequivocally awesome it will allow us to literally take over the world! And by that I mean maybe, eventually, quit our day jobs, or at least have extra beer money every now and again. Sure, you may call it a side hustle, but I call it a necessary dream that I’ll never give up on.

Big Dill” by Phil Jones, “Ice Cream Mann” by Romantic Walrus, “Afternoon Delight” by Chris Bishop

For real for real hangs

Can we just call this what it really is? Wonderful and Seriously Stupid Bullshitting with Old Friends Who I Really Want to Hug Right Now But Can’t. That is the name of our video conference call if you want to join. Not one iota of business on this call. There is an agenda, however – absolutely no agendas allowed. We discuss the best memes, the most delicious comfort food, and the ins and outs of beer and bud delivery in our respective areas. We actually cover a lot of ground, and absolutely none at the same time. The best part is how it makes us feel human again.

Cute Friends” by Illustrate, “Good Beer, Good Friends” by McMennamy, “I Paused My Game to be Here” by MadeByBono

There’s no one right way to stay at home, but there are a lot of right ways to make your video conference calls as awkward and perfect as possible – even if you’re the only one who knows about it. Have a horrifying and/or hilarious story to share that involves Zoom or Google Hangouts and the like? Get in touch and we’ll happily re-share if you’re so willing – we’re all in this madness together.