WXRT is Using Artist Shops to Support Ovarian Cancer Research

From glamping tees, to band merch, to selling skateboard art on apparel, there are a ton of different ways people are using their Threadless Artist Shops. But our favorite use of Artist Shops so far happened this month when Chicago’s rock radio station WXRT opened an Artist Shop in honor of a very important cause, and a very important person.

This summer, WXRT and its listeners sadly lost DJ Leslie Witt to ovarian cancer. Having been part of the station since ’77, she was the 2nd longest tenured DJ with the station.

In memory and in honor of Leslie, the radio station teamed up with the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance for the month of September (a.k.a ovarian cancer awareness month) to open a “30 Days of Teal” Artist Shop to increase awareness of and raise money for ovarian cancer research. wxrtThe Shop offers one design: a teal tee (just like pink represents breast cancer, teal represents ovarian cancer) featuring the station’s vintage ’70s logo, representing when Leslie joined the team.

Just a few “30 Days of Teal” supporters, including a WXRT DJ! (Photos courtesy of WXRT and the folks who sent in their photos)

And the shop has been an amazing success! Since they opened it at the beginning of September, the Artist Shop has sold almost 2,000 shirts and has raised over a whopping $25,000 dollars, all of which is going towards the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.

We’re honored that WXRT chose Threadless Artist Shops as a platform for such an amazing purpose. Support the cause and help raise awareness: get a shirt while 30 Days of Teal is still goin’! And check out WXRT’s site for more information about Leslie, the 30 Days of Teal cause, and to find out more about ovarian cancer.

Shop WXRT’s Artist Shop and Support Ovarian Cancer research

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