Grin and Wear It: 10 Cheerful Designs on Threadless

Everything Is Gonna Be Ok

Calling the past few months an emotional rollercoaster is an understatement: It’s been more like a rollercoaster, a teacup ride, a funhouse hall of mirrors, and one of those game booths that’s run by the slippery guy with uneven sideburns and polka-dot suspenders.

Trying to maintain a healthy, positive attitude in the midst of chaos can be a challenge. Fortunately, you can guide your brain to a better mood with a few everyday activities like exercise, spending time in the sunshine, and even enjoying some uplifting artwork. The idea that art can enhance your emotional state isn’t just common sense: Actual neuroscientists have done the research and found that spending time with good art can vastly improve your outlook on life. 

(Don’t argue with the neuroscientists. It won’t go well for you.)

Here are ten designs from the Threadless artist community that are bound to boost those sweet, sweet serotonin levels.

Musical Fox by 38Sunsets

We don’t know what this fox is grooving to but we know that pretty much everybody has that one song or album that puts this exact same expression on their face. In fact, you should go turn yours on right now while you read the rest of this post. (And then let us know what’s on your playlist!)

Party Party Party and Latte Cat by Tobe Fonseca

These pieces deftly combine two primal elements – coffee, which powers creativity; and kittens, which power the internet – into a celebration of both manic dance energy and necessary nap energy, which can be essential parts of a brighter mood.

Yay! Big Hands! by Teo Zerinis and We Can Fly by Jay Fleck

A baby takes their first steps. An Olympic athlete breaks a world record. There’s always a special thrill in watching somebody achieve a milestone, and in these fanciful illustrations you can practically feel the joy and wonder as this T-Rex and flock of penguins cast their limitations aside. Kudos, you silly animals!

Roundscape by Fil Gouvia and The Wanderer by Francis Minoza

Sometimes all you really need to feel better is a little quiet time by yourself in nature – whatever that nature might look like. These two designs perfectly express the sense of getting a little bit lost so you can take the time to calibrate your inner compass. Destination? Unknown.

Consuming art isn’t the only way to enhance your emotional state – as these two designs demonstrate, it’s also very satisfying to create your own. Take whatever you’re feeling right now and express it in the manner that makes the most sense. Maybe it’s a painting, maybe it’s a poem, maybe it’s a six-hour acid jazz composition for alto sax and xylophone. You do you; we’re not going to judge.

Everybody’s Perfect by Cabinsupplyco

Simple, colorful, and straight to the point: The elegance of this sentiment is how it reminds us that we are all unique and valuable in our own ways. You’re the only one of yourself there’s ever been — which means you’re the best version of yourself that can ever possibly exist.

Of course, not everyone has the exact same aesthetics — an image that makes you smile might feel utterly meh to somebody else, and vice versa. There are literally thousands of different artist-made designs on Threadless, so feel free to browse until you discover the one that gets your heart pumping.

Featured design is Okay by Tatak Waskitho

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