5 Instagrams To Escalate Creativity

I’m Crystal R. from Threadhelp! I usually check my Instagram multiple times a day to discover cool pics to double tap. Living in a big city like Chicago, I tend to follow a lot of architecture photography accounts. However, there are several accounts that really inspire me to step out of my creative comfort zone – and hopefully they’ll do the same for you. Here are my top five:


Tommy Perez, a designer from California, creates magic out of plain ol’ paper and glue. From emojis to Zack Morris’ cell phone, his works of paper art are vibrant and impressive. He also uses different mediums like potatoes and cereal. Tommy’s use of bright colors always brings happiness to my feed. I’m really hoping he’ll make a paper Chicago Dog some day!


Starting off as corporate-type designer for big companies, Seb Lester took some time off to care for his ill partner. Doodling in sketchbooks with different types of pens became a creative outlet during this hard time, and unexpectedly, he discovered a new love for calligraphy! Now, his work has gone viral and been featured in popular sites like Buzzfeed. He’s Instafamous now! Watching Seb recreate iconic logos or just writing out the word “Thanks” is mesmerizing.


Even though mom told us not to play with our food, we all know how much fun it is. Danielle Evans doesn’t just play with her food, she creates art with it. Her #foodtypography looks wonderful and delicious. Marmaladebleue reminds me to take a moment before scarfing down that PB& J and create something fun!


Elya Pingster is an artist from Russia, and her Instagram is a mix of her personal watercolor illustrations and other cool projects! Elya’s illustrations are cute and fun just like the seals she loves. I just recently discovered her and am always excited to see what she’ll post next!


Like most of the people on this list, I discovered JonPaul Douglass’ work on the explore page of Instagram. A video of him skateboarding on a pizza immediately drew me into his surreal world! Not only is the #pizzainthewild series genius, his photography is witty and makes you feel good inside.

I’d love to find out what inspires you. Feel free to share your favorite Instagram accounts in the comments!

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Crystal Rosales

Threadhelp Ambassador (@threadhelp) and Instagram junkie (@murdamex).