7 Good Luck Charms to Turn the Tide

Guy wearing good luck charm t-shirt

Superstitions aren’t based in truth. But that doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty about not forwarding that one chain email I received last year. As we continue to recuperate from an enduring 2020 hangover, we must do all we can to exorcise the bad energy for our collective well-being. Spend time doing what makes you happy. Practice self care. Never wash your lucky socks again. All of these actions may seem simple, but they’re essential to turning the tide. And a stroke of good luck would help, too!

At Threadless, you can explore a treasure trove of good luck charms from cultures all around the world. From horseshoes to shooting stars, we’ve compiled a list of seven design themes that’ll remind you that good fortune could be right around the corner. Will these products give you good luck? I don’t know, but they certainly wouldn’t hurt!

1. Say “Not Today, Satan” with Horseshoes

Why are horseshoes considered lucky? The idea comes from an old Irish tale in which the devil visits a blacksmith and demands a pair of shoes. Obliging, the blacksmith forges the most uncomfortable, painful pair of horseshoes possible. After trying them on, the devil vows to never go near a horseshoe ever again. Ward off evil entities with designs such as the “Strong Luck” tee  and “Western Toss Pattern” throw pillow.

2. Cultivate Good Fortune with Four-Leaf Clovers

Children in the Middle Ages believed four-leaf clovers could give them the ability to see fairies. I think maybe they confused clovers with a different psychedelic plant. Regardless, four-leaf clovers are extremely rare, and their leaves stand for faith, hope, love, and luck in Celtic tradition. Will your prosperity into existence with designs such as “Good Luck Yourself.”

3. Channel the Strength of an Elephant

Elephants are revered in India because of their relation to the Hindu god Ganesha, who has the head of an elephant. Ganesha is associated with wisdom and success, and widely viewed as a symbol of strength. Aside from the good luck they may bring, elephants are also the largest living land mammal. Designs such as “Elephant Flower” and “Painting Elephant” show just how majestic these gargantuan creatures are.

4. Give Yourself a Ladybug Hug

If your natural instinct is to reach for a flip-flop when you encounter an insect, resist the urge! In some cultures, it’s good luck when a ladybug lands on you. The goliath bird-eating spider wishes it had the same reputation (Google it if you like nightmares). Carry good luck with you wherever you go with the “Ladybug Pattern” Tank, and pair it with the “Watercolor Ladybug” Face Mask.

5. Become a Cat Person with Lucky Cats

Maneki-neko, also known as Lucky Cats, are figurines depicting a calico Japanese Bobtail with a raised paw. They can be seen in households and businesses throughout Japan, and are believed to bring different kinds of luck depending on their color. For example, gold brings wealth and prosperity, while pink brings love and romance. Spread luck to all areas of your life with designs such as “Lucky Cat Japanese” and “Stay Weird Get Lucky.”

6. Find Luck Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A rainbow is a wondrous sight to behold. But a double rainbow? Witnessing its mesmerizing beauty could bring a person to tears. And that’s okay! Everyone can use a good cry every now and then. In some Eastern cultures, a double rainbow is a symbol of transformation and good fortune to come. Transform into your best self while wearing the “Kindness” Tee and “Everything Will Be OK” Face Mask.

7. Wish Upon a “Shooting Star”

If a real star entered Earth’s atmosphere, the planet would be vaporized. Pretty much the opposite of good luck. When we see “shooting stars,” what we’re actually seeing are small pieces of rock moving so fast through the night sky that they heat up and glow. Legend has it that witnessing these radiant streams of light can make your wishes come true. Reach for the stars with designs such as “Mini Meteors” and “Shooting Straight.”

If not luck, we hope the awesome designs our talented artist community creates every day bring you joy and hope for the future. Art has the power to lift our spirits and bring us together, especially when the world feels topsy-turvy. Good luck to YOU and yours!

The designs featured at the top of this post are “Strong Luck” by TerpeneTom and “Lucky Clover” by cococosy.

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