Artist Shop Spotlight: Freeminds

Hailing all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania, Indre Bankauskaite is a freelance artist who illustrates under the pseudonym Freeminds. Herfreeminds01logo work – which, depending on her various styles, can be as whimsical as it is edgy – is often influenced by nature and the world around her. Featured in her brand new Threadless Artist Shop, Indre’s illustrations are now available in an entirely new way; as t-shirts, wall art, and phone cases. Read on to learn more about Indre, and check out her Artist Shop here!

Meet artist Indre Bankauskaite, otherwise known as Freeminds!

Hi, Indre! Welcome to Threadless Artist Shops. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m a 27-year-old freelance artist, currently living in Vilnius, Lithuania.

What’s your earliest memory of being introduced to art?

I’ve been drawing since I can remember, but one of my earliest memory is from kindergarten, where I used to draw hedgehogs. They were kind of my “specialty”.

Did you always plan to make a career of it, or were you ever interested in pursuing other paths?

When I was 7, I thought I would be an architect, because my aunt was and I thought it was cool. As a teenager, I was fascinated by photography. However, I ended up as an illustrator instead.

“Feather” by Freeminds. Available for purchase here.

Where do you look to find inspiration for your work, and what artists do you find influential?

The internet mostly, as well as other artists, anime, movies, and sometimes books. I find James Jean’s work intriguing, especially the paintings he did for Prada. I also love Lauren D. Austin’s painting style, and the work she has done for the Blizzard.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I don’t think I have a specific one; usually I experiment with different styles.

“Spring Spirit” by Freeminds. Available for purchase here.

Nature seems to be a strong theme in your work. Why do you find yourself gravitating toward this concept?

Nature is my comfort zone. I would love to draw cities, robots, and more man-made stuff, but I’m too intimidated by them.

“Kitsune” by Freeminds. Available for purchase here.

What types of mediums do you typically work in, and what role does color play in your art?

I work almost exclusively in digital nowadays, but if I ever feel like drawing with traditional media, it’s usually watercolors.

You also go by the pseudonym “Freeminds”. How is this name a reflection of your work?

I’ve used this pseudonym since I was a teenager, mainly because I like how it sounds. It’s also a lot easier to remember than my real name!

“Phoenix” by Freeminds. Available for purchase here.

Why do you think a Threadless Artist Shop is a strong fit for your work?

People trust Threadless, and I would rather leave the printing to the pros and focus on drawing instead! :)

Check out Freemind’s Artist Shop here!

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