No Butts About it: Behold Our Cheekiest Designs

We’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is butt designs. From butts on classic paintings to the famed peach emoji, the rear end will always be front and center in the art world. Which is why we figured it was about time we had our artists embrace this #assthetic and create some superior posteriors we can really get behind. Behold the BUTTS COLLECTION!

The first rule of butt art: there can never be too much butt art. Butt that being said, a winner must be chosen…and YOU get to decide who wins big! The best selling butt design in the collection through the first week of sales will be deemed the Challenge winner & champion of cheeks. The choice is yours! Peruse the collection below.

Butt is it Art

“Butt is it Art” by @Shadowblox

Butt Bone

“Butt Bone!” by @raffiti

Sexy Butt Not Vulgar

“Sexy, Butt Not Vulgar” by Vó Maria


“Asstronomy” by I Love Doodle

Bum Bum Bummm

“Bum Bum Bummm” by Martina Scott

Butt Logic

“Butt Logic” by Ivan Rodero

Get Your Kicks

“Get Your Kicks” by Cody Weiler

Space Butts

“Space Butts” by Darruda

Apple Bottom

“Apple Bottom” by Jeremy Owen

Butt Sauce!

“Butt Sauce!” by Kris

Ass of Spades

“The Ass of Spades” by John Tibbott

Big Butt Star

“Big Butt Star” by Darruda


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