Dad Jokes That Everyone Can Appreciate This Holiday Season

Dad jokes – much like dad hats – aren’t just for dads. Anyone can appreciate a good pun, or the CLASSIC “nice to meet you, very! I’m dad!” after someone says “I’m hungry”. And one of the best gifts guaranteed to get a laugh (or at least an entertained eyeroll, which is the greatest compliment for dad jokes) is to get someone the punniest gift you can! Here are a few perfect puns and dad jokes to get for your loved ones this year (be sure to read the titles for maximum punderstanding).

.     .     .

“Punktuation Mark” by Jaco Haasbroek

“Blowfish” by Andy Gonsalves

“Taco Eclipse of the Heart” by David Olenick

“Procrastinators: The Leaders of Tomorrow” by Brett Steelman

“Not My Type” by Mathiole

“Can Knot” by Haasbroek

“Dogtor” by Joel Robinson

“Nacho Business” by Mathiole

“Plaid-apus” by Jonah Block & Martin Elmer

“Chili” by Haasbroek

“Paper Jam” by Nathan Pyle

“Salad Dressing” by Marilisa & Menottees

“Free Wi-Fi” by Gulshan Kishor

“The Suitors” by Nathan Pyle

“Seal of Approval” by Jaco Haasbroek


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