Happy National Handwriting day! (What, you didn’t know?!) Back in the elementary school days where we all thought we’d be using cursive all the time someday, I remember looking at other kids’ handwriting and trying to make mine look like it. Some days I would write my letters rounded and bubbly, other days, narrow. And only after having a handwriting identity crisis did I realize that, for better or worse, our handwriting is unique to us.

To celebrate National Handwriting Day, we want to celebrate a few artists who have taken the art of handwriting to the next level by making it their craft! Here are 11 awesome hand-lettering designs! 

“Let’s Get High” | Cabin Supply Co.’s Artist Shop

“The Snuggle is Real” | Alice & Oak’s Artist Shop

“Punch” | Jen Mussari’s Artist Shop

“Taco Everyday” | Nox & Quills Creative

“Difficult Things (Black)” | Marla Makes Stuff’s Artist Shop


“Je T’aime” | James Victore’s Artist Shop

“Get Back to Work” | Jen Mussari’s Artist Shop

“Explore More” | Red Pixel’s Artist Shop

“lol” | Katie Lukes’ Artist Shop

“Life Motto” | Leigh Luna’s Artist Shop


Have any hand-lettering you’d like to share? Put a link or pic in the comments!

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Featured image is “Stay Inspired” by Katie Lukes

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