Friday Features: Let’s Get Vintage!

They say “forget about the past.” But between old fashion trends coming back and movie remakes coming out the wazoo every year (and phrases like “coming out the wazoo” being risen from the dead), sometimes the past just keeps circling back. And when it comes to rad vintage-inspired designs covering everything from hippie vans to Victorian Steampunkery? We think the past can come back as much as it wants.

Here are 10 vintage-y designs from four Artist Shop artists we’re diggin’: Speakerine, Terry Fan, Eric Fan, and Tang Yau Hoong. Check ’em out!

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“Yellow Van” | Speakerine’s Artist Shop

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-12-37-42-pm“Barnabus the Bear” | Eric Fan’s Artist Shop


“Memory” | Tang Yau Hoong’s Artist Shop


“The Whale” | Terry Fan’s Artist Shop


“Le Voyage Du Popsicle” | Eric Fan’s Artist Shop


“Music Man” | Eric Fan’s Artist Shop


“Damask Whale” | Terry Fan’s Artist Shop


“Cow Cow Nut” | Speakerine’s Artist Shop

“Steampunk Orange” | Eric Fan’s Artist Shop



“Vitamin” | Speakerine’s Artist Shop


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Featured image is “Morning Ride” from Eric Fan’s Artist Shop

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