Friday Features: Gotta Love Some Nerdy Science Humor!

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who understand binary jokes, and those who don’t. From wordplay to punderful statements, we appreciate good geeky humor. If you got the joke in that first sentence, congratulations! You’re in the nerdy humor club, we can be friends. And if you didn’t, also congratulations! Consider this your gateway into nerdy humor (and we can totally still be friends)!

This week for Friday Features, we’ve got 12 Artist Shop designs anyone with a nerdy sense of humor will appreciate. Check ’em out below! And if you know of any similar designs, have any similar designs, or just want to share a science joke, leave it in the comments!

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“Unstoppable T-Rex!” | Mishmi’s Artist Shop


“Cake and Edith, Too” | Calamityware’s Artist Shop


“Cheese!” | Lichart’s Artist Shop


“The Universe Salutes You” | James Victore’s Artist Shop


“THIS Is Who I Am…Periodically” | Fantasy Art Dreams’ Artist Shop


“Cicada” | Zine Machine’s Artist Shop


“Humans” | Lichart’s Artist Shop


“Life Takes Guts” | I Heart Guts’ Artist Shop


“No Fucks Gibbon Shirt” | Xenotransplant’s Artist Shop

“Octopus Painter” | Calamity Ware’s Artist Shop


Featured image is “I’m a Liver, Not a Fighter” from the I Heart Guts Artist Shop

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