Friday Features: I’m Seeing a Pattern Here…

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Patterns come in many shapes, sizes and forms…followed by repeated versions of those same shapes, sizes and forms. They can mess with our minds and be utterly kaleidoscope-level mesmerizing. And because you can do all-over prints on accessories and home decor in Artist Shops (yeah way!), some artists are doing some pretty cool things with patterns in their shops! Here are 17 patterns from Artist Shops that we dig.

.     .     .

“Love Flowers” | Yury Velikanov’s Artist Shop

“Welcome to Palm Springs” | Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop

“Many..Many Hats” | Malsar the Great’s Artist Shop

“Meowlting Pattern” | I Love Doodle’s Artist Shop

“Pioggia” | Fantasy Break’s Artist Shop

“Power Rocks” | Elebea’s Artist Shop

“Summer Nature” | Francisco Mf Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Littlepatterns Classic” | Little Patterns’ Artist Shop

“Botanical Hands” | Carly Watts’ Artist Shop

“Slothmania” | Old Fox Design’s Artist Shop

“Vintage Birds and Floral I” | Vamp Vintage’s Artist Shop

“Pineapple Pattern” | Francisco Mf Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Tropics” | Little Patterns’ Artist Shop

“Mexican Spring” | Ki Ra Sei Ler’s Artist Shop

“Watching” | Katie Lukes’ Artist Shop

“Retro Tape Recorders and Cassettes” | Yury Velikanov’s Artist Shop

Do you have a cool pattern in your Artist Shop? Link us to it in the comments!

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