Holiday Greeting Cards You Never Knew You Needed

There are at least three essential steps to gift giving: buying the gift, wrapping the gift, and finding a greeting card to accompany the gift. Many people stop short of the third step. Why? Maybe it’s because they don’t trust department stores to carry holiday greeting cards that’ll suit the person they’re shopping for. Or maybe it’s because they’re deathly afraid of paper cuts. If the former is true for you, we have you covered. At Threadless, you’ll find a vast selection of greeting cards designed by a global community of artists who really push the…envelope.

Need help finding the perfect card? No problem. We’ve curated a list of Threadless artists who infuse their signature styles into cards catering to a range of personalities. Their holiday greeting cards aren’t just a place to write your heartfelt words or hide a $20 bill. They’re miniature works of art that can become festive decorations for end tables, office desks, and refrigerator doors.

David Olenick Conjures Up a Winter Punderland

“My art is inspired by anxiety, embarrassment, and profanity,” says David Olenick. Ironically, those creative influences culminate in playful cartoons delivering witty humor, brutal honesty, and shameless puns. If you know anyone who can’t resist a good dad joke, holiday greeting cards like “All Spruced Up” will make them slap their knee, if not roll their eyes. When David isn’t tickling ribs with his art, he enjoys visiting museums and “telling people that simple designs are actually the hardest kind to create.”

49 Dreams Cranks Up the Cuteness to 11

Alex C., the French artist behind 49 Dreams, wants to see more positivity, peace, and hope in the world. Help that dream become a reality by sharing art that makes your loved ones feel the warm fuzzies. “Kitty in the Red Sock” should do the trick. It administers an overdose of adorable with a fluffy kitten peeking its tiny head out of a holiday stocking. If that doesn’t make a cat-lover yelp with joy, their heart is full of unwashed socks.

Marian Nixon Promotes Holiday Inclusivity

When Chicago artist Marian Nixon was a child, her father used to bring home pads of blank paper from his office for her to draw on. Her early passion for art followed her into adulthood, and now she creates everything from paintings to wood art to holiday greeting cards. Her “Christmas and Chanukah” watercolor design promotes peace and harmony in families who celebrate both winter holidays. If you know a family that fits the bill, send them a message of unity this holiday season!

Hillary White Turns the Holiday Season on Its Head

In a clever, often hilarious way, Hillary White’s art challenges people to view things in a different light, from cannibalism to the animals that mill around your trash at night. She takes a similar approach to “Worship Santa,” which depicts Kris Kringle as a horned demon instead of the jolly, rosy-cheeked distributor of gifts we see throughout pop culture. This type of greeting card will amuse anyone who appreciates dark humor or gets annoyed by the excessively cheerful tone of the holidays.

littleclyde illustration Sprinkles Enchantment Over the Holidays

Lifetime doodler Michelle describes her work as “a study of introspection, nostalgia, joy, and imagination.” She combines traditional and digital drawing mediums to create strange and beautiful habitats where her monsters can roam free. But don’t worry. Her monsters aren’t the scary kind. For example, “Tree Hugger” shows an abominable snowman wrapping his furry limbs lovingly around a snow-capped tree. This type of whimsical, lighthearted imagery can light up a child’s eyes.

BobbSnugg Embraces the Gift of Giving

What better time than the holidays to lend a helping hand? With Threadless Causes, BobbSnugg is donating a portion of their proceeds from the sale of select greeting cards in their shop. “Blessed Yule” benefits MedShare, a nonprofit that directly delivers medical supplies and equipment to communities in need all around the world. “Merry Christmas” and “Christmas Elephant” benefit Hope for the Day and the International Association of Suicide Prevention, respectively. Both organizations aim to prevent suicide by providing mental-health education and resources to those who need it most. Any of these greeting cards make a thoughtful gift for the most charitable of your loved ones!

Don’t let anyone fool you. Holiday greeting cards are still an important element of the gift-giving tradition. Not only do they give you an opportunity to further express your love and gratitude, but they also add an extra layer of personalization to any gift. Just don’t make the greeting card an afterthought. Select one that is truly tailored to the recipient so they appreciate the extra effort you made! Need more inspiration during the holiday-shopping frenzy? Read our blog posts on winter essentials and white elephant gifts!

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.