Create Your Own Winter Wonderland at Home

Winter Wonderland

This year, most of us have been spending the majority of our time in our own homes, looking at the same walls, the same furniture, and the same family. Thanks, 2020. Now that December is here, you can finally break your cabin fever by transforming your home for the holidays. You don’t need to get out the paint rollers or knock down any walls. A few simple additions here and there can go a long way in turning your home into a winter wonderland. Let’s shake things up and make the holidays feel less like Groundhog Day!

At Threadless, you’ll find thousands of artist-made designs that not only look great on t-shirts, but also on home decor and accessories. Adorn your abode with unique art inspired by the warmth and blissful enchantment of the holiday season. To get you started, we’ve curated a list of products and potential gifts that evoke a whimsical, faraway land blanketed by snow—like the North Pole or Buffalo, New York.

Deck the Walls with Boughs of Holly

If you’re the type of person who only has portraits of your family and pets hanging throughout your home, it’s time to free up some wall real estate. Swap out a few pictures with festive art prints such as “Klaus,” which depicts a shirtless, tatted-up Santa shredding the gnar with reckless abandon. Or, strike a more elegant tone with the serene calmness of “If on a Winter’s Night. Whichever look you prefer, keep in mind that many designs are available on fine art paper, stretched canvas, and even mounted aluminum.

Build Your Wonderland From the Ground Up

Area rugs are multifaceted. They protect floors in high-traffic areas of your home. They also help define a space in the room by creating a frame to place furniture around. Most importantly, they serve as a decorative piece that ties together your home’s decor. To really channel the holiday spirit, choose a woven rug with a festive all-over print such as “Christmas Garland Lights and Snow Pattern.” Its colorful string lights and snowflake backdrop complement holiday trees and other luminescent decorations.

Be Jolly, But Also Be Comfortable

Throw pillows aren’t just support for your back, neck, and head while you’re lounging around. They’re plush works of art that can add holiday flair to your living room. Go crazy and decorate your couch with pillows in a variety of jovial designs such as “Jolly AF” and “Happy Yeti.” As an added benefit, each throw pillow has a concealed zipper. That means you can toss it at an annoying sibling without leaving any evidence.

Wrap Yourself in Comfort and Joy

Our soft blankets will keep you toasty as you lie on the couch and watch rehashes of the same holiday movie on the Lifetime channel. Available in fleece and sherpa styles, each blanket also doubles as an eye-catching decoration that you can drape over an armchair or mattress. “Naughty Brats” will get a chuckle out of anyone who appreciates dark humor, while “Lonely Tree” depicts a peaceful, snowy scene.

Add a Splash of Holiday Cheer

Speaking of holiday movies, have you ever noticed that the characters never have to use the bathroom? Is there even a bathroom in the North Pole? If so, we could only assume it’s decorated with accessories like the “Snowflakes” shower curtain and “Stardust Horizon” bath mat. And it probably has peppermint hand soap and a gingerbread bathroom attendant. Either way, if you really want to create a winter wonderland at home, don’t forget the bathrooms!

Hibernate for the Winter

The holiday season is already tough enough to navigate without the extra obstacles of a global pandemic. You deserve some rest and peace of mind after a long day of shopping and decorating the house. Add the finishing touch to your winter wonderland with a duvet cover made from soft microfiber, which makes your duvet more comfortable and stylish at the same time. Designs such as “Tiny House – Snowy Night” and “Christmas Holiday Night 20” will hopefully stir up dreams of holiday merriment.

Transforming your home into a winter wonderland doesn’t always require an elaborate home-improvement project. Simple decorations such as canvas art prints and throw pillows can enhance a room’s visual appeal while lifting spirits with art. Many of these items also make great gifts for loved ones. For more guidance on your holiday-shopping adventures, read our blog posts on greeting cards, white elephant gifts, and more winter essentials.

Rafael Velez

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