In Your Wildest Dreams…

Our minds are strange, strange places. Not only do they store imaginations that know no bounds, but the second you fall asleep, they throw caution to the wind, enter a dream world, and run completely amuck. Dreams and the meaning behind them continue to be great mysteries, especially when they’re completely and utterly absurd. Since everyone likes hearing about wacky dreams, we asked the artists behind next week’s new tees to share the weirdest, wildest dreams they’ve ever had. Read on to find out their answers, and shop their new tees here!

“You Are My Universe”

That’s really a tough question for me because I seldom dream and if I do, I always forgot them after I wake up. The only one I can roughly remember happened when I was a kid; I dreamt I was being chased by a lion in my courtyard. I was frickin’ scared, of course! – ilovedoodle, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

“Capsule 41”

I can only remember a dream where I was singing a song I don’t even know, while hanging onto a cliff and trying to save myself from falling… – Pigboom Kaboom, Iloilo, Philippines

“How To Kill a Mockingbird”

I’m a daydreamer, and there’s so much going on my life right now that I don’t know what’s real anymore. (Please don’t tell my psychiatrist!) – Tobias Teixeira de Fonseca, Brazil

“You’ve Got New Mail”

I used to have a lot of wicked dreams. The weirdest and most impressive to me was this one: I got lost in the woods at night, with no moon and thus no light source. I ran for a long time without any direction and began to feel desperate. Suddenly, dozens of light strokes appeared far off in the distance, and I regained hope and ran to the lights. When I finally made it out of the woods, I realized the lights were giant UFOs capturing my neighbor’s houses one by one and dragging them into sky. Hhhmm… I think it could be a symbol for something! – Mucha, Qing Dao, Shan Dong, China


A recurring dream I’ve had since childhood was being chased out of my house and down the street by Audrey II, the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. – Katie Campbell, Savannah, GA

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