Let the Threadwars BEGIN!

Since 2010, there has been a war going on here at Threadless. A war that doesn’t use tooth and nail or sword and shield, but rather pencil and tablet. I’m talkin’, of course…about the Threadwars.

For those of you who know what this is, what are you still doing here?! GO FORTH TO BATTLE! For those of you who don’t, gather ’round. The Threadwars live in the forums and are like a community-run, ultimate speed-round version of Threadless challenges. The war consists of five rounds (typically), each of which has a different theme. For example, this year the first round of Threadwars was “Mythical Creatures” (and the finalists are now up for voting! Check ’em out!)

With no old designs allowed, the Threadwars are fun prompts that force you to do awesome work in super crunch time. But if you don’t win a round, that work wasn’t in vain – you might get a printed design out of it. As one forum says, ” Threadwars has pushed artists to produce some of their best works…and several prints have come out of Threadwars!” Talk about losing the battle but winning some mad bragging rights in the war 💁‍♀️.

“No Worries, I’ll Just Walk Myself…” by Dustin Taylor and David Soames was submitted to Threadwars and ended up getting printed!
“Daredevil” by Andy Wilhite was also submitted to Threadwars!

We love seeing our artist community working together in awesome ways, and this might be the greatest example of that happening. Even the prizes are put up by community members, the ones for the first Threadwars ranging from a postcard from Buffalo, to art prints, to gift cards and copies of an artist’s first published children’s book!

The winner of the very first Threadwars, “Dreamweaver” by Westicles.

There’s only one round of Threadwars 10 down, so get drawing! At the very least, you might get some new designs to fill your your Artist Shop with.

Find out more about it by clicking the big blue button!

let the battle begin!

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