Nail Your Gift Shopping List with Unique Gifts by Personality Type

Holiday shopping at Threadless isn’t just about finding a gift and calling it a day. Slow down, Rudolph. It’s about capturing the essence of that wonderfully weird friend, that eccentric family member, or even your delightfully oddball self. If you’re stumped on what to get your loved ones this season, a good starting point is to think about the personality traits that make them unique as individuals. If you’d like to give presents that scream perfection, join us as we unpack a sleigh’s worth of gifts by personality type. These gift ideas aren’t just things—they’re conversation starters, laugh inducers, and maybe even a little bit of therapy.

Personality Type: Obsessed with the Eerie and Spooky

These are the folks who think a romantic evening involves watching documentaries about serial killers. You know, the type of person who says, “I could totally survive a horror movie,” but jumps at toaster noises. They relish a good scare and have a peculiar sense of humor that borders on the dark side. If this reminds you of someone on your gift list, search Threadless for themes like gothic, spooky, horror, or paranormal. You’re bound to find something deliciously macabre.

Gift Suggestions: Consider decorations for their home theater, such as Fine Art Prints, Premium Rugs, and Throw Pillows.

Personality Type: Drawn to Nature’s Beauty

They’re the ones who get more excited about bird-watching than a celebrity sighting. They love nature to death, sometimes literally, depending on their track record with houseplants. They’re happiest with their feet on the earth and their head in the clouds. Find art that suits their sensibility by searching Threadless for keywords like botanical, wildlife, outdoors, and earth.

Gift Suggestions: Help them gear up for their next adventure with Fleece Sweatshirts, Beanies, and Travel Mugs.

Personality Type: Literal Kids at Heart

Ah, the wild, unpredictable mini-humans. They’re like living tornadoes with an insatiable hunger for fun (and snacks). They turn living rooms into lava pits and backyards into jungles. When shopping for kids, look for playful and vibrant designs that will spark their creativity and joy. Keywords like adventure, space, animals, and dinosaurs will set you on the right path.

Gift Suggestions: Look for items that will engage their minds and get them moving. Notebooks for doodling, Jigsaw Puzzles, and Skateboards are all solid options.

Personality Type: Fluent in Movie Quotes

These pop-culture experts can recite every line from The Big Lebowski and have opinions about every superhero movie ever made. Their ideal evening? A trivia night themed around ’90s sitcoms. They’re the walking encyclopedias of film, television, and internet memes. If anyone on your shopping list fits this description, Threadless has an array of officially licensed collections that may pique their interest. Find merch for beloved movies and franchises including Care Bears, The Crow, Army of Darkness, and more.

Gift Suggestions: Get them a tee they can wear at the next con they attend. Style options range from the ultra-comfy Extra Soft T-Shirt to the size-inclusive Classic T-Shirt, available in sizes up to 5XL.

Personality Type: Always on the Move

These globe-trotting souls are always planning their next adventure. They’re the ones always saying, “Travel changes you,” mostly because they lost their luggage again. They have more stamps in their passports than a post office. When shopping for this type of person, narrow your search with keywords like adventure, maps, travel, and globe. You’re sure to find something that speaks to their wanderlust.

Gift Suggestions: Think travel essentials like Backpacks, Weekender Bags, and Travel Mugs. Anything that’ll make traveling more convenient.

Personality Type: Without Music, Life Would B Flat

Whether it’s arguing about the best guitar solo of all time or crying over a band that broke up before they were born, music fans are a special breed. These audiophiles have a soundtrack for every moment of their life. Their world revolves around rhythms and beats. Find designs that resonate with the soul of music by searching for keywords like hip hop, heavy metal, vinyl, and musical.

Gift Suggestions: Tapestries and Fine Art Prints are great for decorating whatever room the record player lives in. Everyday items like Mousepads and Mugs make practical gifts, too.

Now that you’ve seen a handful of gifts by personality type, you’re ready to venture off on your own gift-giving adventure. Threadless is your playground to find gifts that not only surprise but also speak volumes about how well you know and appreciate the receiver’s unique quirks. If you still need ideas, take a look at our other holiday gift guides.

Rafael Velez

Copywriter at Threadless. Lover of thin-crust pizza, heavy metal, and B horror movies. Food source for a husky and two cats.