Team Cap or Team Stark?

Since Marvel’s Civil War, “Team Cap or Team Stark?” has become a question right up there with “what would you do for a Klondike bar,” and has probably threatened more friendships than someone not knowing how to ID a Pokemon in PokemonGO (c’mon, ’90s kids, we trained for that).

With our new lineup of Marvel swag launching this week, we had to ask around the office and see who was #TeamCap and who was #Team Stark. Check out who the winner was below!

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“Red and White and Blue” by Budi Satria Kwan

Team Cap. I haven’t seen the movie but in the comics Iron Man turns into a total fascist and Captain American rebels against it.


Lance, Artist Shops Account Director (& Comic Book Czar)
“Water and Iron” by Nina Christensen

Team Tony Stark. Because snark, hubris, charm, amazing toys, and an often questionable set of morals.


Dustin, VP Digital
“American Shooting Star” by c0y0te

Cap ’cause he legit.


Steve, Product & Analysis Manager
“Melting Point” by Dan Burgess

Stark. ‘Cause science and toys


Josh, Help Team Ambassador
“Support Our Troops” by Kelly Larson

Team Cap….I like the fight for friendship and rebellion against the government rather than Tony trying to follow the rules for ‘the greater good.’ Who’s that noble anyway?! All jokes aside, Captain America and Bucky are one good looking pair too, so you can’t really beat that.


Hannah, Intern
“Winter Attack” by Goliath72 and ndrue182

Team Bucky.


Luis, Artist Success Manager

Are you Team Cap or Team Stark? Leave your answer in the comments!

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