#ThreadTWD is Back From the (Un)Dead

What could be more romantic than watching zombies go on a bite-fest through the post-apocalyptic world? Absolutely nothing.

This Valentine’s Day, V-Day = Z-Day. Because The Walking Dead is finally coming back from hiatus.

No longer shall our Sundays consist of lonely nights sitting in the dark for the duration of time that a Walking Dead episode would be (just us?). Because with the return of The Walking Dead comes the return of the Sunday party that is #ThreadTWD.

For those of you who this is news to, pssst. Guess what. You’re totes invited.

“Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

Join us this Sunday on Twitter (@Threadless) and live-tweet The Walking Dead with #ThreadTWD to antisocially be social with us. We do all kindsa fun stuff – selfie contests, random episode-specific contests, brain-eating contests*, both for fun and for coupon codes!

*We don’t actually do brain-eating contests. That would be weird and murdery, ya sicko.

Be our Valentine. Join us on Sunday for The Walking Dead. We love you. Zombies and chill?

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Carlyn Hill

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