#ThreadTWD: Oh Hi, Hiatus!

Ohhhhh, we’re halfway therrre!

It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway through this season of The Walking Dead. We’re hoping that the start of the second half of the season bounces back faster than Glenn did.

For our final round of #ThreadTWD (for now), we had some interesting themes…and by interesting I mean maybe more random than balloons.

Like metaphor-flavored cookies.

Monster in the Closet” by Efrem Palacios

Join the Awesome” by Matheus Lopes & Rafael Pereira

A little…apathy here, you guys. But hey, apocalypse gonna apoc. 

giphy (5)More teenaged angst. And yes, this is the gif that must be used anytime the teens of the zombie wasteland get angsty.

The Teddy Bear Picnic” by Alison Acton

Between the cookie, the couches, and the balloons in multiple episodes, can’t help but wonder if inanimate objects are the true plague of this world. #PlotTwist

Of course, your beautiful mug shots! You guys were way on your selfie game.

And as a bonus, here’s two tweets about Rick that are funny. Because who can take him seriously anymore? Seriously.

Aaaaaand finally, we have our victorious winners of the night! The final winners for this half of the season!

A huge thank you to the fellow live-tweeters (is that a word?) who made this an awesome pre-hiatus Sunday. Rejoin us on Twitter with the #ThreadTWD hashtag when the show comes back for part 2. Till then, happy hibernation! Sleep tight, don’t let the walkers bite.   Featured image is “The Undead at my Doorstep” by Leo Canham

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