ThreadTWD Round 7: He’s BACK, Baby!

Glenn’s BACK, baby! Because, duh.

If there was an opposite way to sing “ding dong the witch is dead” that was less lame than “ding dong the Glenn’s NOT dead”, we’d be singing it right now.

And to think that his triumphant return happened right before the Game of Thrones Season 6 poster sporting a certain “dead” character came out…coincidence?

…probably, but either way, Glenn’s return has got us like:

Thanks @keithgdesign for putting “Thriller” in our heads for this one!

If you wish you could have celebrated this moment with us, we’re not even halfway through the season yet – there’s still time! Just live-tweet the show with #ThreadTWD.

Although the Twitter reactions to Glenn’s return were slightly less full of “a;lsdkjg;sdjgk!!” keyboard-vomit excitement as we expected…probably because none of us had lost hope.


The Teddy Bear Picnic” by Alison Acton

Then on the opposite side of things, the children were once again allowed to roam the zombie-filled wasteland of a world. If not just to keep that whole “Carl, stay in the house” meme in business. 


giphy (5)But not only were the teens roaming free – their angst was too. Which totally inspired our flash challenge, and for that? We thank you, teenaged hormones. We thank you. 



Happiness is Fleeting” by Kerry Callen

Glenn wasn’t the only character we saw come back this episode. We also had…balloons. Again. Filled with helium that seems to be in inexplicably large supply post-apocalypse. Someone needs to use that to make the zombies high-pitched…priorities, people.

We’ve Got Some Work to Do Here” by Travis Pitts

And your guys’ genre-meshing references were totally on-point again, and we’re all officially friends because of it.


(Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

Finally, as always, we have our glorious winners! Please take note of our fantastic angsty tweet flash challenge winner…

Our awesome selfie winner (and reigning selfie champ)!

And the tweet of the night!

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