#ThreadTWD Round 5: Drama! Scandal! And…Speeches?

Quick head’s up: here be spoilers about a certain character, a certain bad thing that may or may not have happened to him a few weeks ago, and our complaints about it.

Also note that I said a few weeks ago – if you’re not caught up and you read on, you made a mistake!

What do we want? Glenn!

When do we want him? Now!

Two weeks since the Glennpocalypse, and still no answers. This is the biggest is-he-or-isn’t-he-dead since a certain Game of Thrones character bit it (maybe…also no pun intended) last season.

Needless to say, our heads are exploding like a Walker’s would when bashed in the skull with a baseball bat. And Twitter is our therapy.

Death is Random” by Nacho Diaz

If you’re experiencing trauma symptoms from the utter lack of answers about Glenn’s fate, you’re not alone. Live tweet with us every week during The Walking Dead by using #ThreadTWDLike so:

Ok, enough about totally-still-alive Glenn. We may not have had answers, but at least we had more than a dude and his goat. This week? There was drama with more angst than if Shonda Rhimes made a Lifetime movie:giphy (5)

Adults” by Justin White

There were speeches…



A lot of freakin’ speeches…  


Zombie Romance” by Yannick Bouchard

And some really, really questionable makeout choices, turning this into a straight up Rom Zom program…oh hey, rebound Rick.


There were also some hilarious tweets that don’t really fit into a category, so chew on these random-yet-awesome morsels…a few of which are head-scratchers.

And finally, our winners for the night, proving that something awesome can come out of a no good very bad possibly dead character fate. Because just like Zombieland taught us: you gotta enjoy the little things.

giphy (6)

We had our hilarious tweet of the night:

And our zombie tee selfie winner…whose selfie had nothing to do with zombies, but see what you’re missin’, selfie slackers? Get on that!

    Featured image is “Z-Day” by Ronan Lynam

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