Seeing double…AGAIN!

We may be in office limbo right now, but that makes threadtwinning THAT much better. Because now that we’re scattered and have become strangers in a strange land (a.k.a temporary workspaces), seeing one of our own kind in a matching Threadless shirt from across the common area gets us all like:

dancing babies

Straight up Threadception. Here are some collected Threadtwin moments from our old HQ, where we not only matched each other, but sometimes even Threadtwinned with the building.

We’d love to see your Threadtwin stories and photos! Post them below in the comments or on Instagram with #Threadtwins!

.     .     .

“Wide Open” by Mathiole
“Funkalicious” by Fen
“Metal” by Alexis Ziritt
“Burgerman” by Zackolantern
“Nope” by Carl Mitsch

And a special celebrity Threadtwinning moment from Threadless artist Gintron and his two boys!

“Stay Cool” by Jaco Haasbroek
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