We Asked, You Told: Who Inspires You?

Inspiration is truly everywhere, and the people in our lives can be particularly influential. Many of us look up to famous artists, however those we know personally can often have the biggest impact on how we approach art in our lives. Since we have such an incredible community producing amazing art everyday, we were curious about the people in their lives who have influenced them the most. We asked the artist’s behind this week’s new tees to name exactly that person. Read on to find out their answers, and shop their new tees here!

“The Great Outdoors”

My brother really influenced me to get started. He drew before me, then I took it up and honed it mostly because of him. He’s always pushed me to try harder and do more. Luis Romero, Chicago, IL

“Ministry of Silly Walks”

My girlfriend, for her support and because she never lets me take any shortcuts. :) Arkady, Tel Aviv, Israel 

“Freedom Is Fabulous”

My wife, Angie. I use what I find funny in my artwork, and she really gets my goofy sense of humor. My concepts are pretty bananagins sometimes! (She’ll get that.) Tom Burns, Scottsdale, AZ

“Rude Rainbow”

It’s going to sound cliché, but I have to say my mom. She isn’t an artist herself, but she gave me the freedom to pursue it. She never once told me to ‘get a real job’. Even when I’ve lost all faith in myself, she consistently believes in me. MidnightCoffee, Los Osos, CA

“Run, Little Girl! Run!”

I don’t know my inspirational figures personally; they are all famous or dead, like Mary Blair, Eyvind Earle, Walt Disney or Hayao Miyazaki. Mostly, I take my inspiration from music, books and movies, but I don’t have a favorite person. Maybe my mother, because she has been my support forever. David, Torrenueva, Granada, Spain

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