“We Can Re-build it…We Have The Technology!”: Build it Challenge Winner

Luckily, Eduardo Del Pozo’s (LightSpectrum) winning design for our “Build It” challenge won’t cost as much as The $6 Million Man did, but looks like a dope Rex Wrench that would make our stone-tool ancestors in the post-dinosaur days super jealous.

Although you gotta wonder, would a wrench modeled after the Tyrant Lizard fix things or break them more?

We don’t have an answer for you there, but we did ask Eduardo some other questions to hear a little bit more about him, his design, and his love of the ’80s (a man after our own artsy-hearts).

A lot of your designs seem to have an ’80s vibe to them. Are you most inspired by that decade?

I love the ’80s (’70s too). A decade full of lasers, robots, chromed titles, synthesizer music, ninjas and apocalyptic movies? Yes please!

“Great Scott!”

What are some of your favorite ’80s classics?

Classics I really love are Terminator, Robocop, Blade Runner, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Predator, Tron, Star Wars, The Shining, Aliens, Indiana Jones, The Evil Dead…And today we have the ’80s back with insta-classic movies like Kung Fury, or video games like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

All the best ones! That nostalgia and a lot of your designs, like Rex Wrench and Wheel of Time, have a kind of time-travely element to them. If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?

I would love to go back in time with the Delorean to destroy the first selfie-stick and the first Reggaeton song. Sorry Doc, but it’s for the good of humanity. 

You incorporate a lot of cool mechanical elements in your designs, like the “Wheel of Time” – is working with mechanics or building things from scratch a hobby/interest?

Not really, but mechanics have a powerful and inherent visual impact. When I start a project I spend lot of time working on the concept. Then, I make some basic sketches, I search different illustration styles, and finally I open Photoshop or Illustrator to start the design. But the hard work starts outside of the computer.

Some pretty rad concept sketches of Rex Wrench

What attracted you to the “Build It” challenge?

Two of my brothers, my father, my uncle, and many of my friends are engineers. But with “Build It” challenge, I saw the opportunity to create the definitive machine they could never build.

How did you get your start in art?

When I was a kid I always was drawing the TV cartoons. Knights Of The Zodiac, Captain Tsubasa (Oliver y Benji in Spain), Transformers

Still From “Knights of the Zodiac” courtesy of BobSamurai Anime Reviews

I see “Light Spectrum” is also your DJ name – how does music inspire your art and vice versa?

The gruesomely adorable “Vomit Spectrum” courtesy of LightSpectrum’s Facebook

For me, it’s impossible to work without music. I made lot of designs for DJs, Music Labels, Clubs… it’s simply perfect when you can work at the same time with music and design.

Your six Threadless designs are all very highly rated. What about your designs do you think resonates with the community?

“Think more, design less” Ellen Lupton.

Some people prefer a complex illustration, but I prefer a strong idea and a “simple” illustration.

Any cool travel plans with the trike you won from Local Motors?

Yeah! Not only me – my brothers and friends are awaiting the Verrado and we have some plans. First, go to a karting circuit to make some crazy drifting :D


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