We all need a space we can go to and relax, chill, and just space out. And when it comes to creating zen dens? The hippies had it right.

Here are some ways to chill out your room by making it look like a hippie den, tent at Coachella, or the inside of a VW hippie van in the ’70s.

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DIY wall hangings

Courtesy of dawanda and makeanddocrew

“Crocheted” wall hangings and cool wooden shelves for planters and knick-knacks may seem like like budget-busters. But there are a million different DIY projects you can do to get the same look without blowing up your wallet.

Here are two cool ones for those rad pieces above: the wall hanging you can learn how to make here, and the cool lil’ plant shelf you can get (SUPER easy) instructions for here!

Terrariums and hanging plants

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.52.47 PM

We’ve talked about sprucing up (ha no pun intended) your room with some succulents and cacti to add some easy greenery. But if you want to really zen out your space, you might want to take an extra step and make a terrarium.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.52.14 PM

It’s actually super easy, not to mention a super fun art project to put a simple terrarium together. Plus it gives those simple succulents a little extra flair and lets you decorate them up with crystals, rocks, really anything you want!

Tapestry cave

Chromaesthesia” by Budi Satria Kwan | “Isotropics” by aparaat | “The Hanging City” by Tang Yau Hoong | “L.O.T.U.S” by John Tibbott | “Watering (A Life Into Itself)” by Budi Satria Kwan

No hippie den is complete unless it looks like it’s actually a tent in the middle of the desert for burning man. Cover your walls in chill tapestries to make your space cozy and zen.

Shop all tapestries here!

Candles and crystals

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.13.30 PM
Courtesy of soulmakes

Candles? Awesome and super relaxing.

Crystals? Look rad, and somehow relaxing.

Adding succulents and airplants on top of those two things? Boom, you have the full lineup of super chill room accessories.

These rock salt candle holders glow like orange orbs when you put a little tealight candle in them and add a super warm element to your space. Plus, they double as a planter if you so choose to use them for that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.10.02 PM
Photo courtesy of kissesandcake

Another clever way to dress up your space is to do something as simple as putting outdoorsy elements – like feathers, branches, and dried flowers – into tiny jars. The ones above were done for a wedding, but these can make for super cool and easy room décor.

Rugs out for your dugout

Pink Triangle Print” by Nektarinchen | “Synesthesia” by Robson Borges | “Call of the Wild” by Brock Davis | “O Beautiful” by Ross Bruggink

Remember how we talked about decking out your walls in tapestries? Well rugs are like the tapestries of floors – they cozy up your floor and hug your feet, making for an extra relaxing zen space.

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The smell of calm


Time travel’s real, people. Because the smell of some patchouli burning in an incense burner transports you right back to the ’70s. Incense are an awesome way to add a *hippie touch, vibe, and scent to your space – not to mention, they’re super cheap, as are most burners.

*Can also be used for geek chic-ing up your space! See the Jawa above (Star Wars, people. It’s a creature from Star Wars)

Zen shrine

A Writer’s Ink” by Norman Duenas | “God Owl of Dreams” by Juan Manuel Orozco | “Breathe” by Jorge Lopez | “Above Sea Level” by Ross Zietz | “Melting Sun” by moty_moty_moty | “Pi-Sloth-tes” by agrimony | “The Hunt” by Zach Terrell | “Phases” by Jorge Garza | “Mario Mycology” by Dianne Delahunty & Nicole Frisk | “Four Spirits” by James Smith | “Y O S E M I T E” by Daniel Teixeira | “La Dolce Vita” by Norman Duenas | “Carpe Denim” by joseph

What do you do with all that wall space that the tapestries couldn’t reach? Some hippie-chic wall art, of course! Create a gallery wall of images that chill you out and get you in a zen zone for full effect.

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