Ziptember: Like Fall Itself, A Contradiction

Often we find ourselves on a September afternoon, tweed shooting jacket and scarf in place, pumpkin spice double-shot no-foam grandissimo latte in hand, only to realize: Holy crap it’s 97 degrees out here!

We all grew up with September signaling the beginning of fall. But now September is the the new August. Yes, September can have its cool days, but sometimes our beloved ninth month just wants to color outside the lines.

“Dolphox” zip hoody by Ross Zietz is ideal for contemplating one’s mortality

Same with Ziptember, the annual Threadless fall hoody sale. We all grew up with zip hoodies and only zip hoodies coming out of storage when the leaves began to turn.

But like fall itself, Ziptember has changed. Yes, you will find zip hoodies on sale, but Ziptember defies expectations—like people who wear hospital scrubs but are not doctors.

Crew sweatshirts are cozy like hoodies without going all the way to hoody-land

Ziptember is like an unexpected September heatwave, throwing pullover hoodies at you for 40% off. There are crew sweatshirts, without a zipper in sight, on sale. There’s even a great deal on a French terry cardiganwith buttons for crying out loud—which is so on sale it’s not even funny.

“Night Lines” zip hoody by Jorge Lopez Ramirez is perfect for leaning on fences while gazing at distant snow-capped mountains

So open your mind. Consider suntanning or lawn bowling doing whatever this is, in September. And embrace Ziptember for all it is—as well as what it has been. Life changes. Climate changes. Ziptember changes.

Thirty days hath September. And Ziptember. Perhaps you should have a hoody for all of them?

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Alan Spindle

Guest writer/editor/blogger at Threadless.