5 Artists To Blow Your Mind

There’s nothing like discovering a brand new artist that instantly inspire you. The sight of their work whisks you into amazement, your jaw drops, you’re completely “wowed”. Their raw talent makes you immediately hungry to create yourself – something that fulfills you in the same way as their work; something with the potential to similarly move others.

Through my various ventures on the interwebs, I have had the privilege of experiencing such moments with certain artists – artists that present ideas and deep beauty in their art that has made me stop, think, and admire. Behold, the five artists that leave me consistently mind-blown.

Lora Zombie

“The Great Escape” by Lora Zombie

I was minding my own business surfing Threadless when Lora Zombie’s “The Great Escape” caught my eye instantly.  It explodes with beautiful colors, sharp lines, and an exciting premise; flight. The idea of being a child with the freedom of a bird is awesome. Her pieces continue with vibrant colors fused with old and new pop culture, and the dripping effect of her artwork only adds to her wonderful grunge style. She has enough edgy and bright drawings to keep your eyes glued to the screen for a good while.


Into the Night
“Into the Night” by Aerismade

I stumbled upon Mārīte Desaine, otherwise known as Aerismade, while looking at art streams on a video streaming website and fell in love with her style. Her art is simple, yet so delicate and precise – possibly because she draws mostly with ballpoint pen (the piece above is created entirely with ballpoint pen!). It is incredible what she can create with such simple tools.

Howl's Moving Castle
Howl’s Moving Castle” by Aerismade

In addition to drawing extremely dreamy and hazy scenes with only pen streaks, she also manages to hold a special place for adamant otaku’s like me with pieces from Studio Ghibli films!



Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring

The Visitor
The Visitor by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring
Water Balloons
Water Balloons by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring

I’m a sucker for surreal and fantasy pieces of art, and the one above is no exception. This collaboration between two Threadless artists had me in whispering amazement. Not only does this remind me of something from Journey on Playstation, but it also includes some of my favorite color combinations: light blue and pink. Flowing lines and ripples on an invisible layer of the mysterious creates a sense of a beautiful, unknown place. In addition, “Water Balloons” features a simple yet brilliant play on the words that results in a creative, inspiring, and colorful masterpiece.

Kuldar Leement

“Curiosity” by Kuldar Leement
Legendary by Kuldar Leement

I found this amazing Estonian digital artist while looking for a new desktop wallpaper, and “Curiosity” has now officially been my wallpaper for a year and a half. Kuldar’s ability to create ethereal landscapes and entirely new planets is mind-blowing. Plus, he releases stunning new art regularly. The crispness and spellbinding effect of his work begs you to come back and see what new worlds he has created. There is really nothing like his pieces and you will be entranced by the inner world from which he operates.

I truly hope these artists have inspired you as much as they have me. Which of the five influenced you the most, and what incredible artists would you like to share?

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