Create the Ultimate Chill Zone With Creative Decor

Everyone needs a place they can kick back and unwind. I mean, think about it: even Superman has his Fortress of Solitude (which is the best name for a recharge zone of all time). Whether you’ve created a happy Man Cave in a solo studio or you’re living in a cramped dorm room with a roommate who doesn’t exactly perpetuate calm (or clean…), we all need a place we can go sometimes to just sit back, think, and clear our heads. And everyone has a different preference for how they want their creative, chill space to look. What screams (soothingly, of course) chill to you? Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate chill zone with creative decor where you can hang out and just let your mind wander…or just nap. That too, that always.

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Creative decor - theme
Tapestry: “Trash Dolphin” by Jake Lawrence | Pillows: “Margarita Reading” by Sage Aune, “The Great Indoors” by Katie Lukes, “Arcade Expressionism” by Brock Davis, “Tropical” by Daniel Teixeira, and “Wildlife Observation” by Tiffany Pankratz | Throw blanket: “Banana Jungle” by arrynando | Prints: “Deer Birds” by Manoou and “Wander” by Jenny Tiffany | Duvet: “Where the Jackalopes Play” by Isabella Rotman

Choose a visual theme

Sometimes, all it takes to make a room look awesome is to pick some things you think are cool and just to scatter them through the room. But if you want to take it a step further and play curator, one way to make a space look super cohesive is by picking a theme, such as…

  • Color. Choose a color or two to feature in all of your decor.
  • Style. Pick an art style (minimalism, geometric, etc.) to stick to.
  • Vibe. Choose a certain vibe or theme to stick with. For example, the above room has a bit of an outdoors theme going on (this is your chance to make your Fortress of Nerdery a reality and to fill a room with pop culture references …decoratively, of course.)
Creative decor - wall art
Wall art featured from left to right: “Life is Damn Good” by Fil Gouvea, “Floral Rude” by Elizabeth Sydney, “Tight as Heck” by TripperJack, and “Koldinur” by Sergio Millan Lorca.

Fill it with art!

You can have a cool space with zero wall art… but why would you, though? Dedicate a wall to art you think is rad, whether it’s by your favorite artists or your very own work! (Psst…if you have an Artist Shop, don’t forget you can order your own prints at the base cost.) Combine framed prints with unframed prints hanging from a bulldog clip or hanger, perhaps, or throw an acrylic print in the collection to visually mix it up!

Storage Storage Storage

There’s nothing that throws off the chillness of a room like clutter everywhere (unless that’s your thing.) Random piles, loose papers, cleaning supplies, and other odds and ends can add a visual stress factor. Invest in storage that doubles as a functional piece: ottomans that open up or can be used as sitting space, nightstands that open up and can be used as storage, etc.

Creative decor - plants
Tapestry: “I Feel Like Dancing :)” by Ailadi

Throw in some plants

They may not be as immediately calming as petting a puppy. But it’s been found that having plants in your space can improve your well-being. You can go the minimal route and have a lone fern, or you could go full Jumanji and make your chill room a straight up jungle. And if you’re someone who is notorious for killing plants, don’t worry! Try filling your space with some plant-themed art, or plants that are hard to kill, like jade or aloe.

Creative decor - blankets
Fleece blanket: “Cats Cats Cats” by Michael Buxton | Pillows: “Magic Flowers” by Micaela Podrzaj, “The Great Indoors” by Katie Lukes.| Prints: “The Red Wolf” by Arindra Prakoso, “Double Thumbs” by Luis Diaz, “Fatty Cat” by Sage Perrott (HayPeep),  “Destination Unknown” by Grant Stephen Shepley

The softest of blankets

Riddle me this: if a relaxing space doesn’t have at least one super soft blanket for naps or the occasional fort, is it relaxing at all? If this is a space meant for unwinding and just hanging out, super soft fleece blankets can add a splash of art to the space while also providing you and guests with maximum comfort. (Kinda like our insanely soft fleece blankets.)

Creative decor - tapestries
Tapestry: “Jungle Looking Back” by JBarnham

Bold pattern, small space

Y’know how when you really like a print, you just wish you could fill your life with it? Tapestries let you do that. These are the pinnacle of creative decor. Tapestries are a great way to add a big, bright splash of color and a pattern to a room. If your space is smaller, a large patterned tapestry can actually make the room seem a bit larger. And if you’re filling a large wall space, a tapestry is a great way to establish a focal point and set a theme for the rest of your gallery wall.

Creative decor - desk
Mug: “Coffee Makes My Day” by Jesse | Notebook: “Creative Process” by Koivo | Prints: “Snide Effects” by David Olenick and “Dog Drunkard” by Paul Goins

Find the creative decor that chills you out, man

We could tell you for dayyyys what will and won’t make a space super relaxing and wind-down worthy. But at the end of the day, figure out what you like! What calms you down? What colors, decor, elements help you unwind? When you figure that out, use these tips as a guide, then go forth and create a space you want to sit back, relax, and fall into a four-hour nap in.

Deck out your space

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