What do you see when you stare into the rippling void of “Deluge”? A black and white ocean? A rorschach-esque inkblot? A static TV like in Poltergeist right before the little girl goes, “theyyyy’re heeere”?

Whatever you see, it’s thanks to artist Chuck Pavoni (chuckpcomics) that this design exists.What do you see when you stare into the rippling void of “Deluge”? A black and white ocean? A rorschach-esque inkblot? A static TV like in Poltergeist right before the little girl goes, “theyyyy’re heeere”?

We talked to Chuck about everything from his evolving style, to whether DC or Marvel would win in a fight. Check out what he had to say!

sublimationwinner_6_120815Yay, a fellow Chicagoan! How’s the comic book community in Chicago?

It’s pretty great! There are lots of awesome and talented artists right here in Chicago, not to mention plenty of comic cons and shops to get your comic fill!

What kinds of comics have you published?

I’ve made many types of comics from noir stories to love stories, but I mainly try and make my comics accessible to all ages! I believe you can make a great comic for kids and adults. When it comes to telling a story I’m always inspired by the movie The Incredibles! It dealt with real world issues, but at the same time it told a great story that was captivating for all ages.


How did you come up with the design for your winning design, “Deluge”? It seems pretty different from your usual style.

I wanted to create a flowing, seamless, complex pattern that is easy to get lost in! I figured bold black and white foamy water was perfect. I always love looking back at the pattern and not knowing where one tile begins or where the next one ends!

Style development

How did you develop your style? 

I think the biggest factor is having the time! Time allows you to try out things! See what works and what doesn’t work for me personally. I also believe knowledge and style go hand in hand; the more you know the better your style! I have a lot more to learn therefore my style hasn’t fully developed yet. I really cringe when I see my old stuff (*covers face in shame*). But I understand drawing badly is just a step of the process to getting better!

What are some of your favorite comics?SublimationWinner_2_120815

Jeez…there are so many. Anything by Chris Samnee and Sean Murphy are my favorite! but my favorite comic is batman: year one, by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli!

Is it hard to switch back and forth from your more fun, cartoony style and your more serious, realistic style?

It can be a bit of a struggle sometimes, yes. I have lots of concepts and ideas that all require special attention. Such as, a more lighthearted concept would require a simpler illustration, whereas a more serious concept needs a more realistic illustration. 

chuckpcomics original characters (from left to right, then clockwise): Captain Wood (feared pirate), Lil Wolf (my twist of the big bad wolf), Mr. Mob (leader of organized crime), and Tommy (he eats pizza, a lot)

Which makes it difficult to have one signature style. I have such a love for many art forms that it’s hard for me to settle on just one! There are many ways to illustrate one idea.

If the Marvel Universe and DC Universe went head-to-head, who do you think would win?

Marvel. (we have a hulk)  and way better movies too!

4ck and gi3 (names designated to them by the evil overload s63!) Galaxies apart but destined to be together.

Have you taken a lot of art classes or are you self-taught? Because you’re young but your style seems very well developed! 

Aww thank you! Well, just recently I was going to art school here in Chicago (International School of Comics), but I had to stop going unfortunately. Besides that, it’s just been me trying to teach myself to the best of my abilities!

What else do you do on the daily?

When I am not drawing I’m mostly working at my family’s  pizza place “Simply Slices” (best pizza on earth!) That and petting my cats usually

What’s a goal for yours in the future?

Honestly, I’d love to be able to support myself (and one day, family)  by making art and comics! I have a passion for both and I’d love to pursue art as my career.

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