Every Day is International Cat Day

I can haz more cats?? Cat lovers, rejoice! It’s your special day… because it’s your cat’s special day! If you have a cat (or you’re just a crazy cat person at heart), you know that every day is cat day. But who would we be if we didn’t celebrate the creatures that defy the laws of physics, that rule the Internet, that will pull a Sour Patch Kid move and be super sour before rubbing their face against your leg and transforming into “oh-so-sweet” again? So join us in celebrating these hairy babies by gazing upon the art that celebrates them too! Scroll down to see some Threadless & Discover designs that are fine as a feline.

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Meowteor” by ilovedoodle

Robocat” by Elan Harris

Binocular Cat” by BB Tamagotchi

The Cat and the Koi” by Roni Saptoni

Drunken Cat Drawings” by Jillian Fisher

Ramen and Cats” by Pepe Rodriguez

Not Today” by Fox Shiver

Cool Cats” by Ronan Lynam

Neon Catz” by No Coast

Emperor by Henbuhao” by HENBUHAO

No Carbs” by Trevor Van Meter

3D Cat” by Emil Lauzon

Magician Cat” by Valentina Zummo


Space Cat Galaxy” by Vó Maria

Cats” by nireleetsac

Fatty Cat” by Sage Perrott (Haypeep)

Nothing to See Here” by Fox Shiver

Zombie Cats” by Anion

Atomic Kitties” by Pim Tanachwanan

(Cat)erpillar” by Lim Heng Swee

Levitation Cat” by Louis Roskosch

Get Your Own Pizza, Human!” by Fox Shiver


See more cat designs right meow 

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