Everything’s Better with Luchador Masks

Lucha Libre is easily one of the most underrated things of all time, as an art form in the ring and on paper. I’m talkin’ legendary luchadors like Blue Demon. Or Santo, who was buried wearing his Lucha mask like a true badass. Lucha Libre – which is Spanish for “free fight” – has some of the most incredible acrobatics I’ve ever seen. My personal gateway into this semi-underground wrestling form was through the aptly named show Lucha Underground, which mixes Luchadors with big names in the indie wrestling circuit playing their be-masked (or not) alter-egos.

I love everything about Lucha Libre. But if you’re not about to take the leap and binge-watch Lucha Underground (which is on Netflix, btw), here are a few epic Luchador-themed designs from Artist Shops that will get your blood pumping!

.     .     .

Super Luchadores| spike00’s Artist Shop

Rabbit Wrestler| Speakerine’s Artist Shop

Luchadorable| Quick Brown Fox’s Artist Shop

La Eterna Lucha| spike00’s Artist Shop

El Guapo| Jorge R. Gutierrez’s Mexopolis Artist Shop

Fun fact: Gutierrez was the animator of the movie, The Book of Life!

Andrew, the Fox Wrestler| Speakerine’s Artist Shop

GURU Luchador| Jorge R. Gutierrez’s Mexopolis Artist Shop


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