Friday Features: You Can’t Spell ‘Earth’ Without ‘Art’!

Happy (almost) Earth Day! The time has come to embrace your inner tree-hugger much like that inner tree hugger would embrace a tree. Because as Dimitri Martin said, “Earth without ‘art’ would just be ‘eh.'” But without the Earth, art wouldn’t even exist! (Well, human art, that is…👽)

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating everything our pale blue dot has to offer with these 25 all natural designs from Artist Shops that illustrate (literally) the beauty of all things flora, fauna, and flourishing about our planet. Check ’em out!

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“Whales” | Francisco mf Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Botanical Hands” | Carly Watts’ Artist Shop

“Spring” | Ivvch’s Artist Shop

“Wild Nature” | Tobe Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Classic Floral (light)” | Little Patterns’ Artist Shop

“Bear Hugs” | Highly Irie’s Artist Shop

“Go Wild” | Cabin Supply Co.’s Artist Shop

“A Spot in the Wood…” | ND Tank’s Artist Shop

“Michael Worful” | Save Pepe’s Artist Shop

All profits from this Artist Shop will be donated to SAVE THE FROGS!

“Flower Heart Spring” | Tobe Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Northern Star” | Ang’s Artist Shop

“Everyday is Earth Day” | Malki’s Art’s Artist Shop

“Bohemian Wolf” | Famenxt’s Artist Shop

“Monstera Leaf” | Elebea’s Artist Shop

“Summer Nature” | Francisco mf fonseca’s Artist Shop

“March 2016 No. 2” | Prate’s Artist Shop

“Beautiful Burden” | Famenxt’s Artist Shop

“Autumn Heart” | Tobe Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“Problems Seem Small in the Greatness of Nature” | Jeremyville’s Artist Shop

“Winter Pursuits…” | ND Tank’s Artist Shop

“Spirit of the Jungle” | Carly Watt’s Artist Shop

“Water & Peace T-Shirt” | Happy Bombs’ Artist Shop

50% of the profits from this design will go to Water.org

“Zoe’s Throw Pillow” | Holly Panther’s Artist Shop

“Foggy Night” | Dandingeroz’s Artist Shop

“Bloom” | Cheery Human Studios’ Artist Shop


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